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Samantha Whiteson
Clinic Co- Director, Physiotherapist PGDip, BSc (Hons), MCSP, MMACP
Sam is a physiotherapist with a wealth of experience in both Private Practice and professional sport.
Samantha Whiteson is a Physiotherapist with a wealth of experience in both private practice and professional sport. She specialises in expert diagnosis, hands-on treatment and tailored rehabilitation.

As a truly enthusiastic and self-motivated individual, she aims to achieve the highest standards of evidence-based practice in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of every patient.
Samantha thrives on freeing people from pain and discomfort in the shortest time frame possible. She is expertly placed to advise on returning to full fitness and preventing injury.

Samantha has worked for many years in professional sport with some of the world’s top Physiotherapists and Performance departments. She will give you the same standard of care as the elite sporting celebrities she has successfully treated. Working in elite sport over the last 6 years, Samantha has been the 1st team Physiotherapist for the likes of:

  • Northampton Saints Rugby Club
  • Widnes Vikings Rugby League
  • Sale Sharks Rugby League
  • Arsenal Ladies Football Club


Samantha has been a Senior Clinical Lead Physiotherapist at one of the largest and most prestigious Musculoskeletal Clinics in the country, where she worked with the top Sports Medicine doctors in the country. She was in charge of teaching and leading a development program for a large team of Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors.  She also previously worked at the Ministry of Defence providing top quality Physiotherapy to our honourable servicemen.

Samantha is very highly qualified having recently completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. She has achieved membership to an elite group of less than 1000 Physiotherapists who have undergone extensive training in the most evidence based and effective treatment for musculoskeletal pain (MACP). She has extended training in Manipulation, Acupuncture, Core Stability and Tissue Healing. She also has qualifications in Acupuncture.
Samantha is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy; The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice- PhysioFirst; The Health and Care Professions Council and the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists.

With her experience and qualifications, you will receive the highest standard of appropriate treatment and an accurate diagnosis that you can be confident in.

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Richard Evans
Clinic Co- Director, Physiotherapist, Injection Therapist, Independent Prescriber, Guest Lecturer. MSc, MSc, BSc (Hons), MCSP, AACP, MMACP
Richard is a highly qualified and skilled extended scope Physiotherapist.
Richard Evans is the Co-Clinical Lead Practitioner and Director of The Back and Body Clinic. He has three Degrees, including two Master of Science Degrees. His extensive study of the human body combined with his clinical experience ensures that he offers clients an expert standard of care whether they are the most sedentary patient or a top international athlete.

He is a member of The Manipulation Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP). This is a group of only 1000 elite Physiotherapists nationwide who have undertaken extensive postgraduate study and reached a recognised standard of excellence in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

Richard also offers the option of injections to his clients. He injects all peripheral joints and is one of only very few physiotherapists in the country able to offer Cortisone (steroid), Hyaluronic Acid and Autologous Blood injections. He has a portfolio of over 500 injections and lectures on Injection Therapy Masters modules. He is also at the final stages of his independent prescribing course and will be one of the first prescribing physiotherapists nationwide.

In his most recent Masters Degree, Richard specialised in the most effective and evidence based assessment and treatment methods for musculoskeletal pain. For example:

  • Neck pain
  • Lower back and mid back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder pain
  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Ankle/foot pain
  • Nerve/referred pain


Richard’s treatment specialties include:

  • Joint manipulation (with an audible pop)
  • Acupuncture
  • Peripheral joint corticosteroid injections
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Muscle relaxation/massage/release techniques
  • High quality home exercises to supplement treatment
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Base level through to elite level sports/orthopaedic rehabilitation
  • Biomechanical assessment


Richard has great knowledge and understanding of bio-mechanical movement and rehabilitation, which he has utilised to treat many top international athletes. He has a particularly strong expertise in running/athletics, football, rugby, hockey, cricket, triathlon and golf injuries, but also has a special interest in posture and work ergonomics. He combines this extensive knowledge of injury with a passion for physical activity and sport, and has played many years of National League hockey and represented the county or region in eight different sports. He enjoys the never-ending challenge of balancing work, continued education, playing high level sport and having a young family.

Richard is very passionate about what he does and strives to offer the highest quality of service, with an honest and personable approach to every client.

Loren McCrystal
Physiotherapist, Clinic CPD Coordinator. MSc, BSc (Hons), MCSP, AACP, MACP
With a First Class Honours Degrees in Physiotherapy from Coventry University, Loren has over 5 years experience working both in Private Practice and within the NHS.

Loren also has experience in Sport for the likes of Northampton Town Ladies Football Club. She was also the Clinical Lead Physiotherapist for an Olympic cycling event.

Loren is currently completing a Masters Degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, specialising in Manual / Manipulative Therapy. She also has Post-Graduate training in Acupuncture and Pilates, and teaches both one to one and in group settings. She has trained with the highly reputable Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI).

Loren has experience of assessing and treating a large variety of musculoskeletal conditions including acute and chronic low back and neck pain, long term conditions such as arthritis, occupational related problems, sports injuries, tendinopathies, nerve pain and post surgical rehabilitation. She also has experience treating paediatrics, cervicogenic headaches, TMJ (jaw) pain and has a special interest in dysfunctions of the shoulder.

In her spare time Loren enjoys keeping fit with Pilates and running and is in training for half marathons. She looks forward to welcoming you to the Clinic and prides herself on her expert levels of assessment and treatment.

Stuart Barker
Physiotherapist BSc (Hons), MCSP, AACP
Stuart is a physiotherapist with extensive experience in elite sport having worked at Northampton Town football club for 14 years, the last 8 of which were as head physiotherapist.

Stuart is a physiotherapist with extensive experience working in elite sport. He has 2 degrees in sports therapy and physiotherapy.

Stuart has spent the last 14 years working at Northampton Town football club with 8 of those years as the head physiotherapist. He has a vast knowledge of sports medicine through post graduate courses and meeting some of the country’s top sports medicine experts.

Stuart has developed excellent diagnostic skills, he is a very hands on physiotherapist who can utilise a variety of treatment techniques through experience and post graduate courses. He uses;

  • Soft tissue massage including trigger point release
  • Mobilisations for spinal and peripheral joints
  • Mobilisations with movement (Mulligan concept)
  • Home exercise program
  • Acupuncture
  • Ultrasound
  • Kinesiology taping

Stuart has extensive experience rehabilitating professional athletes from all types of injuries and has an excellent repertoire of rehabilitation exercises. This enables him to set you a tailored individual rehabilitation program in order for you to reach your goals and improve function.

He is currently interested in an American concept to treatment and rehabilitation called the Gray institute, which has added to Stuart’s repertoire of treatment and rehabilitation techniques. Stuart is always keen on expanding his knowledge within the field of physiotherapy enabling him to give you expert diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Stuart utilises his friendly manner and sometimes quick wit to keep you entertained and focused on reaching your goals.

Stuart has always been a keen sportsman and still plays cricket and football. He played minor counties cricket for Cambridgeshire in his younger sporting days.

Katie Barnetson
Physiotherapist BSc (Hons), MCSP, AACP
Katie is a Chartered Physiotherapist with post-graduate qualifications in acupuncture and orthopaedic medicine
Katie Barnetson is a Chartered Physiotherapist, a member of the health professionals council and Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP), specialising in musculoskeletal physiotherapy with post-graduate qualifications in acupuncture and orthopaedic medicine.

Qualified in 2001 she has worked for the NHS, predominantly full time, with extensive private practice experience in private hospitals, clinics, sports teams and on-site occupational health. She has extensive experience of working with many common musculoskeletal conditions, such as chronic and acute back and neck pain, repetitive strain injuries, upper and lower limb disorders and post operative rehabilitation, to name a few.

Mike Mansfield
Physiotherapist BSc (Hons), MCSP
Mike is a physiotherapist passionate about offering superb hands on treatment skills

Mike is a physiotherapist passionate about offering superb hands on treatment skills.

He has an eagerness to continue to learn about the human body and has broad experience across a multitude of musculoskeletal conditions. He has developed a comprehensive range of assessment and treatment skills, which helps him to successfully treat patients from all ages and backgrounds.

Mike’s key areas of interest are the shoulder, knee and back, and he is fascinated with human mechanics and optimal movement across all areas of the body. He has a particular special interest in sports injury and rehabilitation but he also enjoys helping the more sedentary population also.

A keen CrossFit athlete, Mike is working closely with local athletes and competitors to minimise injury and maximise their sporting potential.

Sara Vicente
Physiotherapist MSc, BSc (Hons), MCSP
With a Masters Degree in Manual Therapy and Post Graduate qualifications in Neurology, Acupuncture and Pilates, Sara is a highly qualified Physiotherapist

With a Masters Degree in Manual Therapy and Post Graduate qualifications in Neurology, Acupuncture and Pilates, Sara is a highly qualified Physiotherapist. She combines these advanced qualifications with vast experience gained from both Hospital and Private Clinic settings.

Sara is extremely passionate about offering only the very highest standards of care. She aims to provide all her patients with expert hands on treatment, inform them about their accurate diagnosis and tailor a rehabilitation program to help both promote recovery, but also to prevent relapse.

Throughout her career Sara has had the privilege of looking after a wonderful mix of patients with a wide variety of conditions. She has developed excellent clinical reasoning skills and specialises in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions including back and neck pain, neural pain, sports related injuries, long term conditions and pre and postsurgical rehabilitation.

The treatment techniques Sara uses include soft tissue and myofascial release, joint mobilisations, acupuncture, dry needling, taping techniques and home exercises. She also has expertise in bio-mechanical movement and she uses her knowledge to improve performance and economy of movement.

Sara has also developed an in-depth understanding of running injuries and loves assessing and treating runners, getting them from pain to performance as soon as possible.

Sara, who is originally from Spain really enjoys keeping fit. Running is one of her real passions and she looks forward to welcoming you to the Clinic.

Rachel Jones
Physiotherapist BSc (Hons), MCSP
Rachel believes an accurate diagnosis, confident hands on treatment and appropriate self-management advice is key to helping people lead happy, pain free lives

Rachel graduated from the University of Nottingham with a 1st class honors degree and has a breath of experience working as a musculoskeletal Physiotherapist in both the NHS and private sector. She is passionate about offering only the highest quality care and believes an accurate diagnosis, confident hands on treatment and appropriate self-management advice is key to helping people lead happy, pain free lives.

She exudes positivity and prides herself on being an enthusiastic and empathetic Physiotherapist. Rachel is there to listen and strives to form strong partnerships with all her clients so they can work together to achieve their rehab goals.

Rachel has a particular interest in sports and fitness. She would describe herself as a ‘gym bunny’ and is always looking for a physical challenge having previously climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, run marathons and completed several endurance cycle rides. She also plays 1st team National League hockey for Northampton Saints Hockey Club. Rachel will be the first to sympathise and encourage if you’re in the middle of training for one of these!!

Emma Timms
Physiotherapist BSc (Hons), MCSP
Emma graduated from Coventry University with a First Class Honours degree

Emma graduated from Coventry University with a First Class Honours degree. Before joining the Back and Body clinic, she worked as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in the NHS.

Emma has successfully treated a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. She is eager to continue her learning by further developing her hands-on treatment skills, in order to help her patients return to their optimum function.

Most of Emma’s free time is spent training and competing in horse riding sports. She also enjoys badminton, swimming and cycling, and she has a keen interest in the biomechanics of the body when completing these activities.

Emma strives for excellence when assessing and treating her patients. She believes that building a good partnership with patients and educating them on their condition, alongside quality hands-on treatment, is key to a successful rehabilitation.

She looks forward to welcoming you to the clinic!

Aisling Peberdy
Osteopath MOst
Aisling qualified with a masters in Osteopathic Medicine from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London

Aisling qualified with a masters in Osteopathic Medicine from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London and has been working in private practice ever since. Whilst studying, she also worked for Hendon RFC as a sports massage therapist and pitch side first aider, which fed her passion for sports injuries.

As an Osteopath, Aisling believes that for optimum health to be realised, it is important for the structure and function of the WHOLE body to work well together. She is highly competent at treating musculoskeletal pain in all areas of the body. Aisling focuses on taking the time to find an accurate diagnosis and see how the whole body is functioning to provide high quality levels of hands on treatment, education and self care advice. She aims to not only stop your suffering, but also to get you to a better quality of life by addressing the underlying cause of the problem.

In her spare time, Aisling competes at national level powerlifting and is the current British deadlift record holder in her catagory with a lift of 155kg. Since the age of 17, she has also trained in pole fitness and has worked closely with international pole fitness athletes to keep them at their peak condition.

Thomas Pearson
Physiotherapist BSc (Hons), MCSP
Thomas achieved a first-class Hons degree in physiotherapy from the University of Nottingham. He gained a wealth of experience within the public sector in the UK before working in New Zealand in the Private Sector.

Thomas has always had a passion for helping others and has built a reputation of going that extra mile for each and every patient he works with. He ensures that each patient fully understands the true cause of their issues and will work alongside them until they reach their full potential. Not only focusing on short term relief but sustained improvement in the long term.

From a young age he has had a fascination about how the human body functions and that thirst for knowledge has stimulated him to acquire a range of manual therapy skills that helps his patients everyday achieve their goals. These skills include but are not limited to:

  • Soft Tissue Therapy (Trigger Point & Myofascial Release etc.)
  • Mobilisation & Manipulation
  • Dry Needling
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Rehabilitation Design
  • Dynamic & Static Taping

Above all Thomas prides himself on his empathy; and genuinely cares about getting his patients better. He aims to put every one of his patients immediately at ease and lead them down their own path of recovery.


Luke Girvan
Physiotherapist BSc (Hons), MCSP
Luke graduated from Coventry University with a First Class Honours degree in Physiotherapy

Luke graduated from Coventry University with a First Class Honours degree in Physiotherapy and has gained extensive experience from his training in specialised acute and rehabilitation settings, including the National Spinal Cord Injury Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Acute Knee Injury Clinics at University Hospital Coventry.

Luke has worked with patients to help resolve various musculoskeletal conditions. In addition he has worked with patients recovering from surgery, acute traumatic brain injuries and those living with long-term neurological conditions. His collaborative approach, excellent assessment and treatment skills and consistent delivery of the highest standards of quality care ensure patients reach their goals.

With over 10 years’ experience as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor Luke has worked with a diverse population of clients including adolescents, elderly and both semi-professional and professional sports men and women. With advanced skills including Kettlebell instruction, Olympic Lifting techniques, Suspension training (such as TRX) and Nutrition advice Luke can provide tailored exercise programmes to enhance the recovery, mobility and performance of his patients, helping them to improve their health and well-being.

Luke’s personal interests in sport include Rugby, Athletics and Strength and Conditioning and in his spare time can be found playing guitar in a number of performing bands.

Lauren Chambers
Physiotherapist BSc (Hons), MCSP
Lauren is a chartered physiotherapist with extensive experience in NHS and private settings

Lauren is a chartered physiotherapist with extensive experience in NHS and private settings.  She is qualified to administer cortisteroid injections, acupuncture and also to teach Pilates. She uses a variety of manual therapy techniques such as deep tissue massage and joint mobilisations in order to get the best results from her patients.

Lauren is particularly interested in sports injuries and correct biomechanics and has lots of experience analysing foot position and running technique.

In her spare time she loves snowboarding and anything to do with mountains!

Rachael Barber
Physiotherapist BSc (Hons), MCSP
Rachael loves a challenge and believes hands on skills are paramount when treating patients.

Rachael graduated from Coventry University, having gained extensive experience in a range of services within the NHS, treating patients with a wide array of musculoskeletal conditions. She loves a challenge and believes hands on skills are paramount when treating patients.

Rachael has treated patients of all ages and it is her passion to facilitate a pain free, exciting life for those who may not feel it is possible.

She has an inspiring sporting background, including swimming, running and triathlons competing at a national level, she enjoys keeping fit! With nearly 8 years of experience working within the fitness industry as a Fitness Instructor and Swimming Instructor, Rachael is keen to share her expertise and passion to help others reach their goals.

Hollie Coulson
Physiotherapist BSc (Hons), MCSP
I first knew I wanted to be a physio through my love of sport .

I first knew I wanted to be a physio through my love of sport (mainly football) as growing up I needed their help quite a lot.

Since qualifying in 2015, I have found it extremely rewarding to be part of a clients journey in reaching their goals.
I enjoy being involved in sports rehabilitation but also have experience and love working with clients of all ages and abilities. Through further learning, I like to offer a range of treatments from acupuncture, manual treatments and weighted exercises.
A little about me, I love my dogs, my hamster Hagrid (and yes I love Harry Potter). In my spare time I enjoy football, kayaking and water sports.
Favourite joke: What do you call a man with no shins….. Tony

I’d want to be stranded in a lift with Melissa McArthy so we could become best friends and do karaoke together!!

Lucy Phillips
Paediatric Physiotherapist BSc (Hons), APCP
Lucy provides a high quality service which meets the unique needs of every baby or child that she treats, whilst also using play within therapy to ensure sessions are fun and motivating.

Lucy has a passion for paediatric physiotherapy. Having specialised in paediatrics and having been on numerous paediatric specific training courses she is highly specialist and knowledgeable in her field of expertise. Lucy takes an enthusiastic and fun approach to her work, focusing on your child as a whole. Lucy believes children are not just little adults and understands child development, skill acquisition and child specific conditions.

Lucy has worked in both the NHS and overseas at New Zealand’s leading children’s hospital (Starship). She has completed her Bobath Modules in Normal Child Development and Typical development and understands the importance of age, growth and the impacts puberty have on treatment and healing times. She has also completed paediatric specific training in taping, gait analysis and child specific sport injuries.

Jazzy Dolby
Sports Therapist BSc (Hons)
Since graduating, I’ve spent a lot if time working within the football industry
I graduated from Northampton University in 2013 with BSc(Hons) degree in Sports Therapy.
Since graduating, I’ve mainly worked within the football industry. I started off by doing work experience at MK Dons Football Academy. I then progressed onto semi pro football which I’ve been involved in for over 6 years and I love it! Before starting at the Back and Body clinic, I was Head Sports Therapist at Brooke House Football Academy.
I have a massive love for fitness, which started when I became a Health and Fitness manager, along with having my level 3 Personal Training qualification, I am also a qualified class instructor which I’m lucky enough to still be able to teach!  I teach some of the fabulous Pilates classes that the clinic offers.
When I’m not at the Clinic,  on the side of a football pitch or teaching classes. I love going to the gym doing functional training and HIIT classes, as well as spending time with family and friends.
I’m very passionate about being a sports therapist and there is no better feeling helping a client with an injury or preparing for a event.
Tyla Page
Sports Massage Therapist
I joined The Back and Body Clinic because previously I have been a patient with the clinic and was looked after by the amazing physiotherapists there

I joined The Back and Body Clinic because previously I have been a patient with the clinic and was looked after by the amazing physiotherapists there. Therefore, I wanted to be part of such a great team and helping people to recover from injuries and achieve their goals. I went to the clinic due to sporting injuries I acquired from being a triathlete, windsurfing and dancing. Being a part of such an incredible company now I am able to replicate the experience I had with the clinic as a Sports Massage Therapist.

I have completed an undergraduate BSc in Sports Performance and Coaching at University of Northampton.

Throughout school I became a fitness instructor and a personal trainer. This enabled me to work with all kinds of people, including some sporting professionals which opened up my eyes to the different types of sports and training needed to be successful. I also have a passion for swimming so during university I became a swimming teacher as well.

During my last year of university, I covered a lot of injury and rehabilitation modules which grew my passion for Sports Massage so I went on to complete my Level 3 Sports Massage Diploma and also due to complete my Level 4 Sports Massage as well.

In the future I am considering to study for my Masters Degree but this will be a more rehabilitation based course such as physiotherapy which is where my passion lies now.

Favourite rehab exercises?

Back exercises- I love doing pull ups! Bent over row, rear deltoids and wide grip pull ups are amazing! I love the feeling of a back that looks lean and muscly (helps with posture too)!

Top Pastimes?

Nothing is better than me being on my surf board in the sea catching some waves! I’ve been surfing since I was really young. I’ve mainly surfed in North Devon but I’ve also travelled a lot with surfing as well as windsurfing.

I also enjoy a good leg session in the gym, triathlons, scuba diving, dancing and yoga. I used to dance in competition and festivals.

The most relaxing thing?

Sunbathing on a beautiful beach in an exotic country!

Favourite food?

I love chicken and pasta covered in pesto (whole pesto pot normally)- haha! I also love cooking and making new recipes with all foods but mainly fish.

Favourite joke?

How do you make a tissue dance? – Put a little boogy in it!

Favourite film?

I can’t choose but I love all Disney films, they are my guilty pleasure! Never fail to cheer me up.

Dr Paul Beeson
Podiatrist BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD
With first class BSc (Hons) and MSc degrees in Podiatry, Paul has 11 years’ experience of working in the NHS as a podiatrist

With first class BSc (Hons) and MSc degrees in Podiatry from The University of  Brighton, Paul has 11 years’ experience of working in the NHS.  During this time he specialised in Orthopaedics, Paediatrics and Rheumatology.

In addition to his work with the Back & Body Clinic, he works as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Northampton and has done so since 1994. He trains Undergraduate and Postgraduate Podiatry students and supervises students at Masters and PhD level. His work involves the management of musculoskeletal lower limb problems and he works closely with the Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle team at Northampton General Hospital.

Paul is a Fellow of the College of Podiatrists, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and of the Faculty Podiatric Medicine Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Glasgow). He was awarded a PhD in 2010 at the University of Northampton, where he investigated osteoarthritic changes in the big toe joint and Chartered Scientist status in 2015.

Paul has published in international lower limb journals on the subject of musculoskeletal injuries and pain and is passionate about his areas of specialisation which include the management of orthopaedic, sports and biomechanical conditions of the foot & ankle.

Kirsty Whiting
Podiatrist BSc (Hons)
Kirsty graduated from the University of Northampton with a first class honours degree

Kirsty graduated from the University of Northampton with a first class honours degree. She has spent the last 11 years working with an array of patients from a variety of different backgrounds as a soft tissue specialist before deciding to embark on a career as a podiatrist. She has experience of working within the NHS as a Specialist Podiatrist as well as within the private settings.

Kirsty is currently working on her Masters degree in Advanced Clinical Practice, specialising in lower limb biomechanics and the classifications of the ‘at risk’ foot.

Kirsty loves nothing more than a long dog walk and can often be found at the weekend enjoying the countryside with the family and her four legged friend.

Charlotte Thornton
Podiatrist BSc (Hons)
Charlotte began her career working in Singapore where she had the chance to further develop her existing skills

Charlotte began her career working in Singapore where she had the chance to further develop her existing skills and gain new insights from working in a modern hi-tech environment using the latest equipment. Charlotte enjoys attending regular training courses to continuously enhance her practice. In Singapore Charlotte participated in regular training with speakers invited who were known around the world for their expertise in podiatry and medicine.

During her undergraduate studies, Charlotte was offered multiple opportunities to practice podiatry in both private and NHS clinical settings. Through her work with patients and her own experience of wearing orthotics from the age of four, she took a keen interest in paediatric foot disorders and the importance of preventative care. Her experiences taught Charlotte that early intervention can be essential to support a child’s development, therefore preventing chronic pain, discomfort and even surgery during adulthood. Charlotte’s passion towards identifying foot problems both symptomatic and asymptomatic in young children led to her undergraduate research project: reviewing current literature regarding the decision to treat flat feet in children.

Charlotte is an active sports enthusiast, with rowing, running and horse riding being her three primary passions. She has previously competed in all three sports and her competitive experience has taught her that immediate treatment of injuries is the key to speedy recovery. Charlotte enjoyed volunteering at London Marathon 2018 treating acute foot injuries.

Ian Radford
Podiatrist BSc (Hons)
Ian has extensive experience treating people with a wide variety of complaints involving the foot and ankle

Ian completed a three year BSc (Honours) degree in Podiatry in 2013 and has extensive experience treating people with a wide variety of complaints involving the foot and ankle in a busy private practice setting. In addition to routine foot care, he is also qualified to provide lower limb biomechanical assessments, bespoke insoles, acupuncture, and prescription-only medicine relevant to his profession.

Ian has a special interest in treating the feet of people with diabetes using a combination of methods.

In his spare time, he can be found enjoying hand drawn animation, reading books of poetry or philosophy, or studying Chinese medicine.

Practice Team

Group Practice Manager
Having spent many years in office management for a large surveying organisation, Kelly really enjoys the people facing aspect of the business with both patients and employees and gets a buzz out of providing excellent satisfaction for the patients and staff!
Finance Manager and Receptionist
Heather really enjoys her work; particularly the friendly environment made up by both the patients and staff. She thrives on meeting lots of new people through the day and enjoys the variety of different jobs she is responsible for.
When not working at The Back and Body Clinic, Heather enjoys spending time with her family; watching her two boys in action at martial arts classes, football and swimming.
Janet enjoys being part of a friendly team and takes great pleasure in helping people and putting them at ease.
More to come about Nadine shortly

More to come about Nadine shortly

After spending the last few years managing international events …

After spending the last few years managing international events Gemma is very used to multi-tasking, a key requirement on reception! Her favourite part of her role is to meet & greet our patients to the clinic and she really enjoys being a part of such a lovely team.

Service Delivery Manager and Reception Supervisor
With a background in residential care management, Emma understands the importance of clear communication and providing a great customer experience.

With a background in residential care management, Emma understands the importance of clear communication and providing a great customer experience.

In her spare time Emma enjoys spending time with her family and 2 young children.  This often takes the form of something messy…swimming, painting, cooking and baking. 

Nikki is an organised person with years of reception, administrative and client contact experience

Nikki is an organised person with years of reception, administrative and client contact experience.  She enjoys being part of the Back and Body team and is happiest when she is busy and meeting people.   Her interests include skiing, tennis and daily dog walks.

More to come about Sam shortly

More to come about Sam shortly

Lucy has worked in events within the Health & Fitness industry for many years

Lucy has worked in events within the Health & Fitness industry for many years, where being organised and professional is paramount. She is passionate about customer service and ensuring the customer journey is second to none.

Sammi is an outgoing, friendly and caring individual
Sammi is an outgoing, friendly and caring individual with previous experience working In Reception and as a PA. She enjoys being customer facing and feels proud when hearing all the success stories from patients who have been rehabilitated and are no longer in pain.
In her spare time she enjoys exercise classes, walking her dog, festivals and baking.
Emily is used to being ultra-organised to make sure things run smoothly

Having spent a few years as a Personal Assistant, Emily is used to being ultra-organised to make sure things run smoothly. Her favourite part of working with The Back and Body Clinic is seeing the transformation patients go through, from suffering to smiles!

In her free time, Emily is a keen artist and photographer.

Our Reception Team look forward to welcoming you at The Back & Body Clinic.