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Nothing inspires our Award Winning Osteopathy team more than helping people on their road to recovery

Meet our award winning osteopaths

Our osteopaths work very closely with, and train jointly with our physiotherapists. This means you get the best of both worlds… expert hands on treatment, great rehabilitation skills and a superb ability to screen for the underlying cause of your problem.

Why our osteopaths are unique


Our osteopaths are highly trained at carefully assessing you to effectively understand if your pain or dysfunction is coming from your nerves, muscles and tendons, bones, ligaments, joints or cartilage. They also look at the way you move in a structured and systematic way.

Thier approach is in keeping with that of our physiotherapists, they aim to help your symptoms, but also to prevent reoccurrence.

We often find our patients end up being stronger and fitter than they even were before their injury!


Get ready to feel the best version of yourself!


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Osteopathy FAQ’s

What to expect at my osteo session?

We know that pain is a real issue… and can cause absolute chaos in all aspects of life!

At your first appointment, we’ll always take the time to do a thorough examination that helps us come to a clear diagnosis… and we are fully skilled to help whether it be for back pain, a sports injury, or even a repetitive strain injury! Our osteopaths are great at explaining this and answering any questions you have. 

We know how effective manual therapy and ‘hands on’ treatment can be, so we will be super keen to get treating things as soon as possible. Our approach is that we will be assessing for what’s tight so we can loosen it, what’s stiff so we can mobilise or manipulate it and what’s in spasm so we can relax it off.

 We also look to find what’s weak so we can encourage you to help yourself and strengthen it too (with our guidance), so expect to come away with some rehab exercises… that will need to be specific, achievable and progressive!!

 Once the symptoms have started to improve our osteopaths are continually looking for the underlying root cause of the issue… looking for faulty movement patterns, alignment or postural issues, and areas of weakness so that they can correct all of the issues that contributed to the injury in the first place.

Do I need hands on treatment?

Once we have assessed you, and you understand your diagnosis, your therapist will be super keen to start some ‘hands on’ treatment. This is because ’hands on’ treatment is an excellent and really beneficial part to our treatment plans, which will be personalised to you. Your therapist will be looking for what’s tight so they can loosen it, what’s stiff so they can mobilise or manipulate it and what’s in spasm so they can relax it off. ‘Hands on ‘ treatment will help to reduce pain too!

Do osteopaths just treat back pain?

Not at all. Osteopaths specialise in back pain, neck pain, and any other aches or pains in the body, including shoulders, knees and hips to name only a few! Our osteopaths are superb at keeping up to date with the latest evidence and research to be able to offer you the very best assessment, treatment and rehab for a wide range injuries around the whole body. 

Do I need to see a osteo, physio or chiro?

At the Back and Body Clinic, there is very little difference between how our physio’s and osteo’s assess and treat musculoskeletal pain. We all train together and use the most up to date evidence base to guide our assessment and treatment choices. We treat the same things and we use the best techniques that both physiotherapy and osteopathy have to offer. We believe that this is how things will be in the future; professions merging together as the evidence base guides us. So when choosing either a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor, your decision should be based on which therapist is the most convenient for you to see rather than their profession as they will all have the tools required to get your body into the best version of itself!

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