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Matthew Roberts

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Q: Work experience?

A: I have worked in a clinic beforehand, working in a variety of positions. I most recently worked as a university lecturer, teaching on a variety of modules of my interest.
- I graduated from Coventry University with a Masters by Research (MRes) in 2020.
- I graduated from University of Northampton with a degree in BSc Sport and Exercise Science (Hons) in 2018.
- My dissertation projects for MRes and undergraduate, were published!
- I have worked in gym related positions beforehand since gaining my Level 3 Personal Training qualification in 2012.

Q: Clinical interests?

A: I have worked in the pain management clinic beforehand, supporting the injection side, and learning phlebotomy and overcoming my fear of needles, phew!

Q: Top pastimes?

A: I have always loved cleaning cars and using my jet wash. I also enjoy going out on my bike (especially in the summer) and playing on the Playstation! I am an Arsenal fan, and like to try competing at fantasy football and love cars, specifically F1.

Q: Scariest thing I have done?

A: Getting engaged. Was the scariest (in case she said no) but also the most amazing moment, because she said YES!

Q: The most relaxing things to do?

A: I enjoy going on holiday and exploring new places and trying new things. I went crabbing last year with my hands, and managed to keep all my fingers! Want to go on a fishing boat when I visit the coast next.

Q: Favorite films?

A: I have too many! I love Star Wars films, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Shrek and Jurassic Park/World films.

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