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Q: What made you choose Osteopathy as a career?

A: I mean who wouldn’t want to wake up each morning knowing that their main aim for the day is to help people. There is something so fulfilling supporting patients improving their quality of life, whether it’s being able to put their socks on without pain or completing a marathon, I can’t help but smile when they tell me of their achievements.

Q: University and work experience?

A: I attended the European School of Osteopathy where I undertook an Integrated Masters in Osteopathy and qualified in 2019.

Q: What do you love about your job?

A: As cliché as it sounds I was only ever going to do a job that I completely loved and what is not to love about getting up each morning knowing you’re going to help to improve peoples lifestyle. Also I’m so lucky that I get to start out my career with such an awesome team.

Q: What has been your favourite patient journey and why?

A: Whilst there have been many amazing journeys during my short time in practice, one I feel will stay with me for a long time is a young man who was recently a new father. He was facing difficulties in caring for his baby and risked losing his job due to a severe shoulder injury. He attended the clinic with very little confidence that he would see recovery both physically and mentally. However, we quickly built a great rapport and he instantly bought on board the rehab exercises alongside the treatment. Within a few of weeks he was starting to regain movement in his shoulder and brought in pictures of him able to hold his little girl, which was lovely to see. Over the next few months his recovery grew from strength to strength and it was evident the stresses of his shoulder on his lifestyle were a thing of the past and to top it off he received a promotion at work. A happy ending for all involved!

Q: Most Proud achievement?

A: My proudest achievement to date is being awarded the All Round Student Practitioner prize from my University Clinic in my year group. This was voted for by staff and clinic tutors, which I was overwhelmed to win.

Q: Favourite food?

A: I wish I could say that I only eat healthy things! But I can’t deny my love for chocolate. I think my family and friends would agree a bar of chocolate is the way to my heart but unfortunately my waistline as well.

Q: The most relaxing thing in the world?

A: Sitting by a pool with a glass of wine and a good book = heaven.

Q: One Item to take to a desert Island:

A: My mum, she’s managed to get me through life’s stumbles thus far. We both love a challenge and a good laugh. Plus if it all goes wrong we all know a good cuddle from your mum solves everything.

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