Neck Pain

We are seeing a bit of a neck pain epidemic at The Back and Body Clinic. Move over lower back pain, neck pain is the new kid on the block! Some find it hard to believe, but around 80% of the neck pain we see is postural related (that is, it’s all to do with your posture, how you stand or sit). We blame the iPhone generation; looking around, you’ll see more and more people hunched over their phones, laptops and, many of us spend large parts of our day sitting at our desks or driving in our cars… Yes, most of it is a necessary part of our day, but it isn’t great for our necks!

The good news? Once people with neck pain issues have had a course of awesome treatment with one of our trained therapists and realise what they’ve been doing to cause their neck pain, it really motivates them to change their habits – for good. Come to us and you’ll discover how you can get rid of neck pain and keep your neck healthy for life.

We’ve talked about what causes 80% of neck pain, but what about that other 20%? Well, that can be anything from being involved in a car crash to having a job or hobby where you look up (or down) all day.

The neck can also cause headaches too; a lot of our patients with neck pain are happily surprised when, after treatment, not only has their neck got better but their headaches disappear too! On the subject of headaches, there can be a whole host of causes and effect, which is why we have a dedicated section for this so, if headaches are a cause of suffering for you, please take a look at this section and get in touch to see how we can help you.



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