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Elbow Pain

Did you know that not many golfers get golfers elbow, infact if golfers are going to get a repetive strain injury at the elbow its more likely to be tennis elbow!! We like treating elbows because they are really interesting, rarely is the problem just at the elbow, usually there is an underlying issue at the shoulder or even higher up at the neck that is contributing to the issue.

To complicate things further, the three major nerves of the arm run through the elbow. So, working out what’s going on is often a really interesting puzzle and that’s why we really enjoy putting our detective hat on to problem-solve that puzzle!

If you’re suffering from elbow pain, come and see us – you’ll discover that we have some really brilliant hands on treatment techniques for the elbow (with loads of great research behind them) so that, combined with the right rehab, means that we’re really good at shifting elbow pain. And for extreme and stubborn elbow pain? Don’t worry, we know how to handle that too; that kind of pain responds brilliantly to shockwave treatment (don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds!) so head over to our shockwave page and have a read.



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