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Why Choose Us?

We are a team of highly qualified therapists who genuinely care.

We want to go the extra mile for you and know what it takes to get you better as soon as possible.

At the Back and Body Clinic, we’re super passionate about what we do. Yes, our team are highly qualified and experienced, but what does that mean? It means you’re in the right place… seeing someone who you can really trust and who knows how to treat your back pain, sports injury or any other aches or pains as quickly as possible! 

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The Back and Body Clinic Reputation

Our team have not developed an unmatched reputation for the way we diagnose and manage the likes of back pain and sports injury by chance… it’s because we refuse to be beaten on Quality of Care!! Whatever your age, choice of lifestyle or even sporting activity, we take great pride in delivering the best care to you, and we always want to do this with a big smile (you never know… you might even enjoy coming to see us !!).

The Welcoming Environment

Our patients often comment on how the Clinic environment is so welcoming and friendly. Why??? It’s simple… because we love delivering a First Class service to our patients and we are prepared to say (as humbly as possible)…that we are awesome at what we do, and love seeing the beaming smiles on our patients faces once they are free from their back pain or neck pain, or back to full pelt on the sports field!

Our Awesome Team & Our Training

If we may say so ourselves, The Back and Body Clinic therapists are ‘Awesome’!! They don’t wear capes but get called ‘Superstars’ all the time by patients. As a Clinic we are dedicated to only recruiting the very best therapists around but we don’t think it should stop there! We are always so proud to assure of our absolute commitment to training and development too!! In fact, we don’t know of any Clinic in the country that commits to creating amazing therapists like we do; every full-time member of the team gets >200 hours internal training/year + LOTS of external training too!! It also helps that between us we have 35 degrees and 150 years of clinical experience! Ultimately, we want our services to be totally life changing for you!!!

Our Passion

Our passion is you achieving your goals. We know what it takes and how to get you there, and we take great pride in helping you to optimise your health, fitness and overall happiness!!

Our Growth and Patient Happiness

Our Clinics have grown from 1 to over 50 fantastic staff members in less than seven years and in that time, we have helped over 15,000 happy patients. We attribute both our growth and expert reputation to really knowing how to help people in pain. Of 2,500 patients randomly surveyed, 97% would rate their care as ‘Excellent’ and 3% as ‘good’… and every single one of them would recommend our services to their family or friends!!

Our ‘Centre of Excellence’

Our fantastic team of highly trained, friendly and professional therapists provide over 14 different services under one roof… and approximately 3000 sessions per month across the communities we serve. We love helping people with the likes of back pain, neck pain or a sports injury and know how incredibly effective our ‘Centre of Excellence’ Clinics are for helping you wave goodbye to your aches and pains. We are happy to help everyone and anyone… and you don’t need a referral to come and see us… just pick up phone!! From children with growing pains, middle-aged ‘weekend warriors’, desk-based postural pain, elite athletes and people all the way through to the likes of our oldest patient so far… she was 101 with back pain and was jumping out of her chair by the time we had finished with her!

Patient Testimonials

Our favourite way to assure you of how effective we are is to point you to our patient’s testimonials!! We love reading their story’s… and regardless of whether you have back pain, a sports injury or even whiplash, we want to give you an awesome ‘recovery story’ to tell too!! Please be sure to have a quick flick through some of our 450 independent Google reviews across our Clinics sites… they are all five stars and absolute belters- giving you a great insight into how we use superb ‘hands on’ treatment skills across a whole spectrum of injuries, from head to toe.

A Polite Warning!!

Please don’t put your body in the hands of someone you can’t completely trust!! We know there are lots of ‘therapists’ who make claims about their training, competence and expertise!! Be aware… and join the 75% of people that understand when it comes to health… you should only seek the very best quality of care!! The good news is… you are in the right place for that: We have the expert diagnosis, ‘hands on’ and rehab skills and a pool of some of the highest trained therapists in the land, with an incredible reputation and track record combined with an unrivalled commitment to helping you… You can put your complete trust in us.

Expert ‘Hands On’ Treatment

Our emphasis will be on the expert ‘hands on’ treatment we provide, but we are also first class at giving you the right rehabilitation where it is needed too!! We never want to just put a plaster over the problem… we take great pride it getting to the underlying root cause too… and sorting you for good!! We are at our happiest when we send you away healthier and happier than ever!!

The Director’s Vision

Rewinding the clock back to 2012… Sam and Rich (Group Directors) shared a vision to create a Clinic that lived and breathed by its core ethos, a Clinic with a superb reputation for helping people in pain; both treating the painful symptoms with great ‘hands on’ treatment, but also the underlying cause of the problem- empowering people to manage their health better. Having first committed to becoming highly qualified, experienced and very reputable physio’s themselves; gaining over 20 years of experience and attaining 5 degrees between them (we call them Geeks J)… they have since dedicated their sole attention and focus to the building and growing of The Back and Body Clinic. Theyare now delighted to have created a home for a team of amazing therapists who were recruited because they were the best around, but also because they shared the same ethos of wanting to go that extra mile for their patients, being warm and friendly… and taking great pride in fixing people!! Sam and Rich have learnt to appreciate the importance of, and have fully invested in providing their team with the tools, systems, training, skills and knowledge required to facilitate a welcoming environment where the patients’ happiness flows through the very heart of everything.

Our Core Values and Corporate Identity

We value:

Excellence – we are committed to delivering outstanding care and high quality treatment. We push ourselves and others to be better and achieve more.

Effectiveness- we are tenacious in achieving goals. We’re focused on delivering results and making a real difference- from pain to performance.

Energy-We are highly motivated and contagiously positive, we are passionate in all we do. We don’t stand still, we do not settle… we always go that extra mile!

Empathy-We listen carefully, we are warm and we do our utmost to be thoughtful and genuinely caring to everyone.

We are:

Experts in our field – we are highly qualified and have the knowledge, insight and understanding to make a real difference. We don’t settle for average and we
continually strive to be better by continually to building and developing our abilities.

Experienced – our expertise is practiced; we are seasoned in applying our ‘hands on’ knowledge in the real world, delivering results. Our proven track record and reputation continues to speak for itself.

Empowering – we are passionate about people succeeding. We equip people with the tools they need to move forward; through treatment and results, our patients feel emboldened.

Enthusiastic – we really believe in what we offer and that shows; we are fired up and eager to make a difference. Our contagious positivity motivates others and inspires them to achieve their goals.

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