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Tendon Fenestration

Tendon fenestration is the use of an injection needle to treat tendinopathy. It is a form of dry needling, meaning that the insertion and movement of the needle itself is the treatment, rather than injecting a substance into the body. However, in clinical practice tendon fenestration is often accompanied by injections of autologous blood or RPR to enhance the healing effects.

During a fenestration procedure, an injection needle will be repeatedly passed into the degenerate area of the tendon causing an acute inflammatory response and helping to progress a chronic inflammatory state into a more acute phase to emphasis and enhance recovery.

It is carried out under ultrasound guidance to ensure that needle placement is specific to the area of dysfunction to maximise potential results.

In conclusion, tendon fenestration (with or without RPR) is a commonly used treatment in the management of chronic tendon issue. If you are experiencing pain, swelling, or stiffness associated with tendon degeneration then speak to your therapist or doctor about whether joint aspiration may be right for you.

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