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Stuart Barker

Advanced SeniorPhysiotherapist BSc (Hons), MCSP, AACP

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Q: What made you choose physio/ osteo as a career?

A: I had a very sporty background and found the anatomy part of my PE GCSE very interesting and was fascinated how the human body moved. I still find it fascinating 20 years on and really enjoy educating patients on their dysfunctions and how physio and home exercises can improve their well-being.

Q: University year qualified and work experience?

A: I initially studied sports therapy at the University of North London and qualified in 1999. I started working part-time at Cambridge United football club at weekends and in 2000 got the academy physio job at Northampton Town football club. After a few years I realised that I would need to become a chartered physiotherapist to progress in football. I managed to do the physiotherapy degree part-time for 5 years whilst working at the cobblers. I then progressed to the first team head physiotherapist in 2009 and left for the back and body clinic in 2015.

Q: What do you love about your job?

A: I would say there are 3 aspects to why I love working hear at the back and body clinic. Firstly, since being here I have developed all aspects of my physiotherapy skills through team training, external courses and being exposed to a vast number of conditions that I did not get working in professional sport. Secondly, the whole team ethic of learning and supporting each other brings out the best in us all which benefits the patients we see. Thirdly, helping people through their injury ordeal by supporting and encouraging optimal healing gives you a great satisfaction when helping people. Also, you meet a lot of people and develop some really good relationships with them on their journey to recovery.

Q: What’s your favourite patient journey and why?

A: One patient in particular comes to mind, but it is at the end of their journey to recovery which made me feel very proud. I saw this person for around a year with several different complaints and built up a really good rapport, we worked through each complaint and got this person back doing things they had not done or even contemplated doing for several years. They went away feeling great and I was happy that I had made a difference to their everyday life. A few weeks later I received a card from them thanking me on how much I had changed their life not only physically but also emotionally. I hadn’t realised just how much of an impact I had on their life.

Q: Favourite rehab exercise?

A: Glute max (butt) – A very important muscle in the body, the main muscle for propelling us forward. Bridging, Donkey kicks, hip thrusters just to name a few that I dish out to get this muscle working.

Q: Top pastimes?

A: Still try and stay active and play sport even at my age (my nickname at the clinic is old man Stu). I play football, cricket, golf, get to the gym a couple of times a week and love the clinic activities we partake in throughout the year.

Q: Funniest thing I have done?

A: Tricked my dad in thinking he had won the national lottery. Quite a few years ago he asked me to write down the numbers whilst he went to the toilet, so I wrote down the numbers from one of his lines, went in to the living and waited for the jubilation. He was not happy when he realised he had not won the lottery!!

Q: Favourite food?

A: Surf and turf

Q: One item to take to a desert island?

A: A deckchair, stops all the sand getting in your pants!!!

Q: Favourite film of all time?

A: Got quite a few but can’t beat the back to the future films. Run for it Marty!!!

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