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Fleur Finnegan

Physiotherapist BSc, MCSP

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Q: What is your past experience?

A: Having completed all my junior physiotherapist rotations within the NHS, which included, Trauma and Orthopaedics, MSK, Paediatrics (inpatients and outpatients), Frailty, Stroke, Respiratory and post-surgical ward, I then decided MSK was the place to specialise for me, where I went on to work as a senior physiotherapist within the NHS.

Q: What do you love about your job?

A: I made the decision to specialise in MSK as I still find it fascinating that a condition which is negatively impacting a patient’s life or function can be remedied with exercise, movement and hands on help! I love working alongside motivated patients to enable them to achieve their goals, and I believe my experience in all the other areas of physiotherapy allow me to provide holistic treatment plans with the patient at the centre.

Q: What is your favourite patient journey and why?

A: A patient that really sticks out in my mind, is a young girl that had suffered with many years of recurrent knee dislocations that had left her extremely anxious of movement due to the almost daily occurrence of a dislocation. Surgery was required to help stabilise her knee, however the significant level of weakness and anxiety remained unchanged from the operation. With lots of patience, reassurance and guidance she eventually returned to lead a normal teenager’s life which was hugely rewarding to see!

Q: Where can we find you at the weekends?

A: At the weekends you’ll find me either open water swimming or cantering in the countryside on horseback! I have been riding horses since the age of 4, and have been a keen competitor in eventing. Open water swimming is a more recent interest, however it is hard to explain the buzz you get afterwards having completed a swim – either summer or winter! I also love running and yoga – of which I think both complement each other very well from a physio perspective!

Q: Most proud achievement?

A: When coronavirus hit in 2019, I was working on the wards within the NHS. As the necessary but very sad decision was made to stop visitors coming to the hospital – even for the dying patient – myself and a colleague set up a service to prevent anyone from dying alone, which we called ‘Hold my Hand’. We had many therapists sign up, and we would sit with patients when they were in their final moments, with some reassurance that whilst their loved ones could not be with them, they were not alone.

Q: One item to take to a desert island?

A: My yoga mat! Or maybe my swimming costume so I could go for daily swims or maybe even swim back to civilisation!!

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