Sports Therapy

The Back and Body Clinic Sports Therapy Team

Have you run in to trouble?? Look no further. This is our game!

We love working with Sports men and women:

  • All levels – From Couch to 5km to Iron Men and Women.
  • All ages – From Tots Rugby to the more mature Boules players.
  • All types – We have seen the most weird and wonderful sports from Horse back archery to Tug of War!

Every week we keep our weekend warriors on the road and our team players on the pitch!

Over the years we have had a few famous faces come through the doors – no names mentioned but be sure to check out our Facebook page and testimonials!!

Our Sports Therapists really love to get to the bottom of even the most complicated of problems. From fractures to tendinopathy, strains or sprains our award-winning team are quite honestly (to quote our patients)… ‘AWESOME’!!

What is Sports Therapy?

There is often confusion regarding the difference between physiotherapy and sports therapy as they both deal with similar health concerns. Sports therapists do apply physiotherapy skills, and a lot of their training does cross over, but sports therapists generally work within a slightly narrower remit focusing more often on the prevention and treatment of sport-related injuries rather than more general musculoskeletal conditions.

What Sports Therapy Techniques are used?

Various techniques are used to help in rehabilitating injuries as well as helping to recover from an injury, optimise your performance and support in your sporting/exercise endeavours. Another common misconception is that sports therapists only work with professional athletes – this is not true. No matter what your occupation is or your sporting ability, if your injury is sports/exercise related, a sports therapist can help.

You will find that your Sports Therapist is also superb at rehab and will make sure you will be stronger, fitter and healthier by the time they have finished with you too. Our cutting edge bespoke exercise software also helps send you away with videos and explanations so you know exactly what you have to do before your next session or to keep pain at bay for the long term!

What to expect at your Sports Therapy appointment

When you come to see us, we understand that pain – whether this is a sports injury, or even repetitive strain injury- is a real issue for you!

At your first appointment, we’ll always take the time to do a thorough examination that helps us come to a clear diagnosis. Our therapists are great at explaining this and answering any questions you have. Once you understand your diagnosis, your therapist will be super keen to start some ‘hands on’ treatment. They will be looking for what’s right so they can loosen it, what’s stiff so they can mobilise or manipulate it, what’s in spasm so they can relax it off and what’s weak so they can work out the best way to strengthen it! Once the symptoms have started to improve our sports therapists are continually looking for the underlying root cause of the issue. Looking for faulty movement patterns and areas of weakness so that they can correct all of the issues that contributed to the injury in the first place.



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