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Training and Development

  Training and development is what makes us tick! 

We pride ourselves on first class training of advanced clinical skills at the clinics, to ensure everyone is working to the highest level.

Training and Development

In modern health care it is essential to keep up with the most recent research and best treatment options. We therefore strongly believe that you should never stop learning! Our dedication to training means that we can offer the BEST possible care to our patients…Backed up by science, medical guidelines and years of experience!

We are committed to facilitating the team with training, personal and professional development. As such, there are several in-house training opportunities for every employee at every stage of their development.

We are also proud to be able to offer a clear therapist banding structure which corresponds with their experience and responsibilities within the clinic. This creates a career structure as we encourage therapists to grow within the business.

It’s not all about work, however! We certainly like to have fun, too! We have a great team atmosphere and enjoy several socials together, throughout the year. From sports days, to team meals, Ninja Warrior, to bowling….you’ll be sure to see us having a good time! These positive team relationships really reflect in the day to day running of our clinic.


We have several in-house formal training programs running on a weekly basis that are detailed out below. In addition to this every therapist is fully supported with regular 1:1 ‘Buddy Sessions’, opportunities to shadow more senior therapists, being shadowed by a senior with a positive feedback session afterwards. The opportunity to use our “Complex Case Service” to double up for patients who are particularly interesting and may require a “2 heads are better than one” approach! We also run regular study groups or additional training sessions to help therapists upskill in areas that they have identified as learning needs. We check in with our therapists regularly with coffee and catch- up sessions, focused on their health and wellbeing – we have to practise what we preach of course!

The whole team gets together every Monday for one hour of fun. We cover each part of the body in great detail starting with pathologies, assessment, treatment and rehab. As a team we take it in turns to present our given topic, pulling on the latest evidence ensuring our team stays up to date. We also have a case study session every four weeks where therapists can bring complex or interesting cases to share with smaller groups for advice or educational purposes

A rolling whistle-stop tour of the body from head to toe for every therapist who joins our clinic, regardless of their level of experience. We believe that you can never have enough knowledge and want every therapist to be the best that they can be for our patients.

An 18  week programme for our junior recruits or for anyone who wants a quick fire intense refresher into the “must knows” of MSK assessment and treatment.

Every 8 weeks we close our clinic doors to patients and all get together at Moulton for a day filled with education, laughter and games. The day will have a particular focus and we often invite local consultants or specialists to share their knowledge with the team. Fab Friday is a firm team favourite as it always includes a few treats, games and an activity in the evening such as laser tag, bowling or a meal out for all to enjoy.

A 365 day (1 year!) course created to focus on the non-clinical, “soft skills” of being an amazing therapist. We know it is so much more than just knowing the inside of your textbook and so we cover everything from communication to your “why”, to bring out the best of our therapists to ensure they can bring out the best of their patients. This thorough mentorship program helps our staff to become the best therapists they can be, by delving into the non-clinical skills needed to build relationships, manage their caseload effectively, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.


In addition to all of  this in house training, each therapist has a yearly training allowance to help fund external courses, which is a great opportunity for them to learn from colleagues at the top of their field.

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