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Meet our sports massage team

The Back and Body Clinic sports massage team have a very strong reputation for their amazing ‘hands on’ skills. They know exactly what it takes to release off all of that tension, and how to keep you fighting fit!

Why we stand out

Our sports massage therapists live and breathe what they do!

They are passionate, highly skilled and experienced, and love getting the tightness our of your body.

They will be honest, advise you how to get the best out of your body and lifestyle and get their hands on as soon as possible to get in and deep into those tight muscles.

They will talk to you about what depth of massage feels right for you, and listen and adapt to how your body responds.


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Sports massage FAQ’s

What to expect at my massage session?

 Come prepared for lots of ‘hands on’ treatment to get those areas that really need treatment released off nicely. Don’t worry, we are always very respectful and will cover you with towels to keep you warm and dignified!

 At your first appointment, we will efficiently assess your issues first, but will be looking to get you onto the couch for hands on work as soon as we can. We also like to give you lots of recommendations and self-help strategies as we go. We will be looking for what’s tight, weak or sore so we can loosen your muscles and fascia off… and help you improve your flexibility, mobility, posture, reduce stress, and keep you feeling your absolute best! 

Do I see a physio or have a massage?

As a rule of thumb, we would say that if you live in or around Northampton and Bedford and have pain, then really you need to be seen by one of our physiotherapists or osteopaths for an assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan. It may well be that sports massage is part of that treatment plan – but we would definitely recommend an assessment and treatment for your pain first. 

 If you’re muscles are feeling tight from work tension, a training program, stress, or pre/post a sporting event, then a sports massage is absolutely perfect for you.

Do I have to play sport?

Absolutely not!! 

 Many people believe that sports massage is a treatment technique that will only benefit those involved in sport, however this is definitely not the case! It is for anyone who could benefit from it. So, whether you are someone who is experiencing problems because you are having to sit at a desk all day, or because you are in training for your next half marathon… or somewhere in between, a Sports Massage using deep tissue massage techniques is a relevant, beneficial treatment for you. 

Why do I need a sports massage?

The sports massages we provide across Northampton and Bedford offer a fantastic treatment with so many benefits: 

 1 . Do you feel tight or tense? There is a difference between tightness and pain, and sometimes if not addressed tightness can turn into pain. If you’re tight, then lots of the sports massage techniques will really help to stretch you out, loosen up those tight muscles and leave you feeling looser, lighter and ready to take on the world again.

 2. Are you building up to an event or goal? If so, having regular sports massages can make a huge difference to your performance, resilience to injury and your recovery. 

 3. Do you need help with, or want to fast track your recovery? Have you just done a big event and want to reward yourself and your muscles for all their efforts? Sports massage can seriously speed up recovery and even shift the dreaded DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) that comes on 24 hours after you’ve really pushed your muscles! 

 4. As part of your treatment plan. Our physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports therapists and podiatrists might recommend sports massage as part of your overall rehab plan, to help with recovery, keep you pain free and prevent injuries.

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