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Sally Merrey


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Q: Why did you join the Back and Body Clinic?

A: I have spent the last 35 years within the financial service sector ( I know, I don't look old enough!) and wanting to venture in to new territory but utilise the skills I have gained, the opportunity to work here within the reception and admin teams was an exciting prospect that I could not turn down. Being part of a wonderful team of people will keep me on my toes and allow me to give 100% to our patients to make their experience with us, a good one.

Q: Scariest thing you have done?

A: A few years ago I was lucky enough to 'enjoy' a wing walk - what an amazing experience to perch on the OUTSIDE of a plane and all whilst raising money for charity.

Q: Most proud achievement?

A: My love of music and all things Barbra Streisand took me to fly on my own, for the weekend, to see Barbra in concert in Las Vegas, literally flying out Friday – concert Saturday – home Sunday.  I was lucky enough to go back to Vegas a couple of years ago for a while longer to take in more of the sights.

Q: One item to take to a desert island?

A: I’m not sure how we would survive but I would have to take Duchess, my little ball of fluff.  I say little, she is bigger than most cats ! I know you are wondering why not take my husband – he can look after himself, Duchess cant !!!

Q: Favourite film

A: Well my love for all things Tom Cruise can only mean one answer TOP GUN.  My love of flying has led me to the wing walk and literally just days before me joining The Back & Body Clinic, I have been able to experience flying in the iconic Spitfire, homed locally nearby in Sywell – a fighter jet Tom would be proud of too I’m sure.  

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