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Sports Massage Therapist

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Q: What made you join The Back and Body Clinic?

A: I joined The Back and Body Clinic because previously I have been a patient with the clinic and was looked after by the amazing physiotherapists there. Therefore, I wanted to be part of such a great team and helping people to recover from injuries and achieve their goals. I went to the clinic due to sporting injuries I acquired from being a triathlete, windsurfing and dancing. Being a part of such an incredible company now I am able to replicate the experience I had with the clinic as a Sports Massage Therapist.

Q: University and work experience?

A: I have completed an undergraduate BSc in Sports Performance and Coaching at University of Northampton. Throughout school I became a fitness instructor and a personal trainer. This enabled me to work with all kinds of people, including some sporting professionals which opened up my eyes to the different types of sports and training needed to be successful. I also have a passion for swimming so during university I became a swimming teacher as well. During my last year of university, I covered a lot of injury and rehabilitation modules which grew my passion for Sports Massage so I went on to complete my Level 3 Sports Massage Diploma and also due to complete my Level 4 Sports Massage as well. In the future I am considering to study for my Masters Degree but this will be a more rehabilitation based course such as physiotherapy which is where my passion lies now.

Q: Favourite rehab exercises?

A: Back exercises- I love doing pull ups! Bent over row, rear deltoids and wide grip pull ups are amazing! I love the feeling of a back that looks lean and muscly (helps with posture too)!

Q: Top Pastimes?

A: Nothing is better than me being on my surf board in the sea catching some waves! I’ve been surfing since I was really young. I’ve mainly surfed in North Devon but I’ve also travelled a lot with surfing as well as windsurfing. I also enjoy a good leg session in the gym, triathlons, scuba diving, dancing and yoga. I used to dance in competition and festivals.

Q: The most relaxing thing?

A: Sunbathing on a beautiful beach in an exotic country!

Q: Favourite food?

A: I love chicken and pasta covered in pesto (whole pesto pot normally)- haha! I also love cooking and making new recipes with all foods but mainly fish.

Q: Favourite joke?

A: How do you make a tissue dance? – Put a little boogy in it!

Q: Favourite film?

A: I can’t choose but I love all Disney films, they are my guilty pleasure! Never fail to cheer me up.

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