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Information for patients with insurance

ย Thank you for choosing Back + Body for your treatment!

We will need the following information to be able to work with your insurer:

Exact name shown on your policy documents.

  • E.G. You may be known as Steve but is your policy name Stephen?

Policy/Membership number

Start date of your policy

  • This will be when your excess renews. Check at renewal that your membership number has not changed. Please advise us of any changes as soon as possible.
  • If your policy renews during treatment, you will have a new excess to pay. Check this with your insurer before starting treatment.

Authorisation number

  • Please make sure your authorisation code is linked to the correct provider. The providers codes will be different for the treatment you are receiving. Physio/Osteo must be linked to Back & Body Limited. Medical injections will be Back & Body Medical Limited. Great Denham patients will be Back & Body (Great Denham) Limited and injections for Great Denham will be Back & Body Medical Great Denham.

The number of sessions authorised with this code

Part of the body your code is for, e.g. Ankle/Hip

Policy excess or cost share amount

Find out how much excess you must pay on your policy befor you start treatment and when his renews.

Check what treatment has been authorised, this may affect who you can see.

  • E.g. Physio or Osteo and in some cases not all our therapists can see insurance patients.

Let reception team know if you have a code for Osteo/Physio/Injection ect.


Excess Payments

How it works

  • When you contact the clinic to book your first appointment, please provide us with the details requested.
  • Attend your appointment
  • We will invoice your insurance company for each of your sessions within a month of the appointment.
  • The insurer will process the invoice and inform us of any excess or cost share payments that are due to be paid
  • The insurer will usually send a letter detailing your excess/cost share to you in the post. Excess and cost share payments should be paid directly to the clinic. Once we have been notified, we will email you a copy of the invoice.
  • As soon as you recieve notice of excess, please make the payment to the clinic, either using the bank details in your invoice or call the clinic to pay over the phone
  • You are responsible for keeping track of how many appointments your insurer has authorised and how many you have used, as we do not have acess to your policy information. You will also need to contact your insurer for further sessions, if needed.
  • Insurers will allow only one appointment per body part per day. However, if you have multiple codes for different body parts, we can accommodate back-to-back appointments.
  • BUPA patients, please be aware that our clinics have separate provider codes with BUPA. Please ensure your authorisation code is linked to the correct clinic. This is the responsibility of the patient.

BUPA provider numbers:

Back & Body Limited (Moulton & Wootton) – 80011078

Back & Body Great Denham Limited – 80013652

Back & Body Medical Limited (Moulton) – 60012494

Back and Body Medical Limited (Bedford) – 6001254

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