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Luke Girvan

Advanced Senior Physiotherapist, Group Clinical Lead, BSc (Hons), MSc, MCSP, AACP

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Q: What made choose Physio/ Osteo as a career?

A: A rather fortunate, unfortunate event! I had always been a keen sportsman from a young age, after all my mum taught trampoline to a high level and my dad was a former International athlete so I could regularly be found on a sports field somewhere or swimming at a local gala. After geeking it out in sciences at school and then finding myself on the wrong end of a rugby tackle requiring physiotherapy I had a light bulb moment and thought, "hey this is something that I could do!" I’ve always been a people person and get a real kick at helping people achieve what they set out to do and physiotherapy is a great profession that allows me to constantly learn and I get to work with the most fascinating people in the world… my patients! (and colleagues of course!)

Q: Work Experience?

A: Before attending Coventry University, I spent over a decade working in the health and fitness industry wearing many different hats. As a Personal Trainer I specialised in strength and conditioning, rehabilitation and mentoring other fitness professionals which has really helped a seamless transition into physiotherapy designing those all-important rehab programs helping patients enhance their recovery and on-going health and well-being.

Q: Clinical Special Interests?

A: My bag of special interests in musculoskeletal physiotherapy is forever being filled up like a good Easter egg hunt! I have recently trained in acupuncture and have been fortunate enough to have an article published in that domain and can be found using it as an integrated approach with other manual therapy techniques where appropriate…But I’d have to say out of everything exercise is my thing! If it’s weak let’s strengthen, if it’s short let’s lengthen! I’ll use my manual therapy skills to get the cake cooking and show you how to exercise and put the cherries on top!

Q: Favourite Physio technique and why?

A: My favourite exercises are the ones that patients and I make up! Problem solving is a highlight of my day and as I do not expect everyone to be a gym goer… I like to find ways of getting patients to fit their rehab into their day, however it suits them best!

Q: Top Pastimes?

A: When I am not in clinic I can normally be found with a guitar slung around my shoulders on a stage near you! So if you hear a bit of a racket come down and check out what’s going on! Other than getting married and starting my wonderful family my proudest achievements would be playing centre stage at The Royal Albert Hall, being a part of the opening ceremony of the Olympics in London 2012 and having the guts to retrain as a physiotherapist as a mature student and come out with a first class honours!

Q: One item to take to a desert island?

A: If I had one item to take to a desert island it would have to be Thunderbird 2. No, not my little toy model that I had as a little boy, the actual Thunderbird 2! That way I could fly home to my family whenever I want to, do it in style and perhaps start recruiting a team together for an exciting new venture? Who’s with me? #ThunderGirvs

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