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Joint and soft tissue injections

At the Back and Body Clinic we have highly skilled and experienced injection specialists who can expertly assess you to know when and where an injection is required. They have many years of injection experience with proven results. They also genuinely care about you, getting you out of pain and getting you back to your best!

Following an examination, or after a failure to progress with conservative management, you may benefit from procedures such as cortisone (steroid) injections, hyaluronic acid (HA) injections (Ostenil), prolotherapy, local anaesthetic injections or an aspiration.

Injection FAQ’s

When do I know if I need and injection?

Is your pain at such a level that it is stopping you from being able to do your rehab exercises? Is your injury simply not improving with conservative management? Do you have swelling/effusion in your joint? Is the pain affecting your ability to function day to day? If you answer “YES” to any of these questions then get in touch and ask for a chat with one of our injection therapists. You can call or email us and we will call you to discuss your injury with you.

If you are already having treatment here with one of the team, speak to them about it too because our team are highly trained to know when an injection is an appropriate option for you. 

How long will an injection last for?

We are simply not motivated by giving people a ‘quick fix’. The benefits and length of the benefits from injections is different for every one with so many factors that can affect this, but even if the injection only lasts for several months, we use these injections to create a window of opportunity to help you address the underlying cause of the pain coming on in the first place. With many years of experience and huge success time and time again, we know that if we can apply a model of an injection followed by the right rehabilitation, home exercises and advise, that we have a very good chance of fixing your problem… long term!

Is an injection painful?

An injection given by our experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled therapists is generally not too painful at all and can work absolute wonders to help you on your journey to a full recovery! 

 We hear almost 99% of the time from our patients…

 Is that it???’… ‘well that was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be… I wish I hadn’t worried now’!!

How much will my injection cost?

Cortisone and prolotherapy injections are £175 and hyaluronic acid injections are £295.We make sure the prices for our injection services with our highly skilled and expert team are always competitive. We can bring injections to you at a much cheaper rate than hospitals that have the added overhead costs of expensive theatre suits, nurses and anaesthetists that are simply not required for the type of injections we administer.

Read more about the injection team

Our injection specialists are highly trained, skilled and have between them administered many thousands of successful and effective injections

Where do we inject?

At the Back and Body Clinic we have injected peripheral joints and soft tissues structures for many years. We are highly skilled in this area and experience excellent results with these techniques.

Areas we commonly inject at the clinic include:

Shoulders Elbows Wrist/Hands
Tendonopathies Knees Ankles
Bursitis Hips Feet/Toes
Trigger Points Ligaments Capsulitis

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