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Spinal Injection Experts

Let our internationally renowned, highly trained consultants help you get back to your best. 

With over 20 years experience in guided spinal injections, our team of spinal experts in Moulton and Bedford know exactly when, how and what is required to give you the help you require- You’re in the right place!!

What to Expect?

Why Choose Us?

What is a Spinal Injection?

Meet the Team

Dr Tom Saw is a sports and exercise medicine consultant with more than 20 years of professional experience.

He has previously worked as a GP as well as completing his orthopedic surgery training. He has worked extensively with all manner of different patients from the elderly to elite athletes.

We also have a number of other very experienced and reputable Consultants and Extended Scope Physiotherapists in our team. This makes us expertly placed to help you with your needs.


What are Spinal Injections Used For?

If you have back or neck pain, your therapist or consultant will assess you and discuss the best options for you.

At the Back and Body Clinic we are a center of excellence with many different options all under one roof. If more conservative management is failing, or your pain is too intense, a spinal injection may be the perfect option for you.

Our experts will guide you and discuss all the options with you at your appointment with them.

Your Questions Answered

What to expect on the day of my Spinal Injection?
Be sure to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, giving you time to fill out a new patient form.
Try and have something to eat before you arrive to the clinic and make sure to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.
Before your injection you will have a consultation with your consultant who will take the time to understand your injury and undertake a thorough assessment to make sure the injection is right for you.
What kind of Spinal Injections do you offer?
We are delighted to offer a broad range of spinal injections specific to a multitude of different injuries including; epidurals, transforaminal, facet joint, radiofrequency denervation, medial branch blocks and more…
How long might a Spinal Injection take to work?
Many people can experience relief within as little as 48 hours. Generally speaking, patients report 80% of the improvement from the injection within 2 weeks. The effects of the injection tend to last for at least 3 months, often much much longer when combined with a thorough rehab plan!
Does my Spinal Injection need to be guided?
Yes, due to the high degree of specificity required to get your spinal injection right where it needs to be necessitates the use of fluoroscope guidance.
Who administers Spinal Injections at the Back and Body Clinic?
All of our spinal injections are carried out by experienced consultant doctors.

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