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Ankle & Foot Injections

Guided injections into the ankle joint using steroid and hyaluronic acid can help with reduction in pain and stiffness in cases of osteoarthritis, talar dome injuries or ankle ligament sprains.

Do I need a
Ankle or Foot Injection

If you are suffering from ongoing ankle issues that limit your ability to stand, walk or perform your usual day to day or sporting activities then you may benefit from an injection. Steroid injections provided powerful and targeted doses of steroid and other helpful medicines to the centre of your pain providing potent and lasting relief.


What to Expect?

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Your Ankle & Foot Injection Questions Answered

What to expect on the day of my ankle and foot injection?

Be sure to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, giving you time to fill out a new patient form.

Before the procedure

At your initial consultation, the doctor will take time to understand your symptoms and undertake a thorough assessment to ensure the injection is right for you. It is important to let the doctor know of any known allergies, such as plasters and to inform us if you are pregnant. Please also let the doctor know if you have any medical conditions and take any regular medications including blood thinning medications. This is also a great opportunity to ask the doctor any questions you may have about the procedure.

Prior to your procedure, eat and drink as normal and take any regular medication as usual (unless advised otherwise by the doctor). Please come to your appointment wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

What to expect during the procedure

The doctor will explain everything to you before your procedure and ask you to sign a consent form to confirm that you are happy to proceed.

The injections are performed using our high-tech fluoroscopic x-ray or Ultrasound for guidance and precision, by using this image

guidance for accuracy and safety, the doctor can be confident the injectate is being delivered to the desired location.

Local anaesthetic is used on the injection point to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for you, some patients experience feelings of pressure as the fluid is injected however most patients are often surprised at how quick and comfortable the process is.

How long might a foot and ankle injection take to work?
Many people can experience relief within as little as 48 hours. Generally speaking, patients report 80% of the improvement from the injection within 2 weeks. The effects of the injection tend to last for at least 3 months, often much much longer when combined with a thorough rehab plan!
Does my foot and ankle injection need to be guided?
Many of the joint, tendon and ligament injections of the peripheral skeleton (not in the spine) are safe and effective when performed without or without fluoroscope or ultrasound guidance. The benefit of having the injection guided is that you can be sure the injectate is delivered to the intended place. We have however been administering non-guided injections for many years safely and very effectively too.
Who administers the injections at the Back and Body Clinic?
All of our injections are carried out by experienced consultant doctors or extended scope physiotherapists.

What are Ankle and Foot Injections Used For?

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