Women’s Health Treatments

Women’s Health Treatments

We have a passionate Women’s Health Specialist Physios who would love to help. Whether you are suffering from pregnancy-related musculoskeletal problems like back pain, pelvic pain or struggling with bladder, bowel and pelvic floor dysfunction, causing incontinence, pain, pelvic organ prolapse or sexual dysfunction, our Specialist Women’s Health physio can help you. Please be assured, our service is highly confidential and respects the sensitive nature of these problems.

What to expect at your first appointment?

All sessions start with a thorough history taking. The therapist will ask you questions about your symptoms, your toilet habits, your diet and fluid intake, your obstetric and gynaecology history, as well as more general questions about your health, your lifestyle and hobbies. She will also ask you about your goals and what you would like to achieve from your physiotherapy. Then your physical examination will begin and this may include checking your movements, your strength, feeling your tummy and if appropriate a pelvic floor examination. Laura will explain all her findings to you as the session progresses. Everyone will receive an exercise programme at the end of the session which, depending on the findings, may include pelvic floor exercises, stretches or Pilates. Due to Laura’s level of expertise you will also receive valuable advice and education. to help with your recovery.




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