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Post Pregnancy Issues

Are you a new mum with post pregnancy issues? At The Back and Body Clinic we understand that, once you’ve had your baby, lots of different types of post pregnancy worries can crop up… especially about worrying about your body going back to normal!

That’s why we offer postnatal MOT assesment health checks. We will assess lots of things and let you know where you’re at and give hints and tips to get you back to your best. Pelvic floor re-education is key in most cases – and the earlier we start the better. There is also time to answer the unanswered questions about your pelvic floor, Diastasis recti and core muscles. We can also help with any post pregnancy pains, even the unexpected ones like wrist pain or neck ache from lifting and feeding your baby! Whatever your post pregnancy concerns are, come and see us and we’ll see how we can help put things right.



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