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Ollie Graham

Senior 1 Physiotherapist BSc (Hons) MCSP

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Q: What is your past experience?

A: I graduated from Coventry University in 2021, where I started work in University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust. I gained invaluable experience in Acute Medicine, Care of the Elderly, Neurosciences, Neurosurgery and Oncology. I also have worked in semi-professional rugby for 2 years working hard to get my players back to putting in a performance that they are proud of!

Q: What is your favourite patient journey and why?

A: Whilst working on Oncology, I met a gentleman who was struggling with new weakness in both of his legs and reduced mobility. He had a tumour in his spine that was compressing his spinal cord, which would mean eventually he would not be able to walk again. I was asked to see this gentleman with a very special mission, as he was tasked in one week with walking down the aisle and giving his daughter away on her wedding day. Following one week of Physiotherapy, he was able to give his daughter away on her special day. I was so happy I was able to be part of facilitating such a magical moment for this gentleman and helping make his and his daughter’s dream come true.

Q: The most relaxing thing in the world?

A: The moment you find yourself playing a golf course, experiencing the beautiful surroundings, fresh air and a cheeky beer. I find myself most stress-free when I can just focus on my game and on leaving I feel refreshed, confident and relaxed.

Q: What’s your favourite film of all time?

A: The Lion King. I am still mourning the death of the one true king.

Q: Who would you like to be stranded in a lift with?

A: Someone who can fix a lift when it’s stranded.

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