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Jasmine Pearce

Physiotherapist BSc, MCSP,

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Q: What made choose Physiotherapy as a career?

A: I was a competitive athlete at school. I had an ankle injury that brought me to a physio at the age of 10. I loved the idea of helping fix someone by using the knowledge and manual therapy skills of a Physiotherapist.

Q: University and year qualified? Work experience to date?

A: University of Hertfordshire in 2010. Once was the physio for ‘take that’ tour when Robbie joined them.  Treated Jason orange and Howie!!!

Q: Why did you join the Back and Body clinic?

A: Mike Mansfield (a fellow Back and Body Clinic Physio) and myself became friends through our love of Crossfit and also my husband’s love of golf.   After having a meeting with Mike and meeting some of the team team I quickly could see the work environment was so refreshingly positive and enthusiastic about helping people and allowing the physio to be a physio. The clinic has proven how amazing it is it at bringing out the best of a physio through team training, mentorship and general warmth from everyone I have met.

Q: What's your favourite patient journey and why?

A: It’s always rewarding when a patient rocks up to a follow-up appointment saying they were able to “play with their grandchildren”, play their chosen sport or do something they enjoy for the first time in a while without any symptoms, and without any flare ups afterwards. 

Q: What is your favourite patient journey and why?

A: Female, raging disc pain, lots of muscle spasm. Psychological factors catastrophising because of it. I would treat it with manual therapy, by listening to the patient, creating goals, improving her pain and outcome and therefore avoiding chronic lower back pain.

Q: Favourite Physio technique and why?

A: Nags and Snags, you can act like a magician as it can change their pain instantly. 

Q: Top pastimes

A: Working out in the gym, video games, taking the pooch (and the missus) on new walkies, watching rugby (formally playing) and watching films. Do love a holiday to somewhere new too!! 

Q:Who would you like to be stranded in a lift with?

A:  My husband Alex, he is a life saver...literally! (works as a paramedic for the air ambulance!)

Q:Favourite joke?

A:  Why did the monkey fall out of the tree…… because it was dead.

Q: The most relaxing thing in the world is...?

A: Sitting in silence on the beach. 

Q: What is your favourite film of all time?

A: Love actually

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