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Emma Timms

Advanced Senior Physiotherapist BSc (Hons), MCSP

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Q: University and work experience?

A: I qualified from Coventry University in 2016 with First Class Honours. I started my career working in the Musculoskeletal outpatients department at Warwick Hospital. This helped me to build the foundations of my physio knowledge which I then built on when joining the Back and Body Clinic in 2017. I am currently studying towards my MSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy, which will enable me to expand my practice to horses and canines soon. I’m really loving applying my human physio knowledge to animals and I especially enjoy the extensive hands-on placement experience. I can’t wait to start treating my own four-legged clients…watch this space!!

Q: Why did you join Back and Body Clinic?

A: I wanted to be able to make more of a difference to the people I treat, and the Back and Body Clinic provides the perfect environment for this to happen. I strongly believe my hands-on treatment techniques make a huge difference in the early stages of an injury, so it is brilliant to be able to get people into the clinic as soon as they need it and kick-start those improvements! I also love the Back and Body team! We are all very like-minded which supports us through our clinical training sessions and peer support, as well as providing an incredibly competitive environment for our lunchtime cooking competitions! (Any culinary top tips would be greatly appreciated- don’t tell the rest of the team!!)

Q: Favourite rehab exercise?

A: Dynamic stretches! They are the best warm-up and also leave your muscles feeling much more flexible. They’re also super quick to complete for those that don’t have time for a long stretching routine!

Q: Top pastimes?

A: If I’m not found in physio gear I’ll most definitely be wading around muddy fields in a pair of wellies or riding one of my horses, Ronnie and Duke. It’s been my favourite hobby for as long as I can remember and I honestly wouldn’t swap the mud, cold and early mornings for anything (although I’ll never admit that at 5.45am!!).

Q: Scariest thing I have done?

A:I love travelling to more unusual destinations for my holidays. A few years ago I headed to India and travelled from Mumbai to Goa to Kerala. It was the experience of a lifetime but the tuk tuk drivers in Mumbai are insane! I was sat in a tiny three-wheeled tin shell, squeezing between huge lorries where there are no lanes and seemingly no rules. I’ve never been so happy to get to my destination!!

Q: Favourite joke?

A: Why don’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the toilet? Because the pee is silent

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