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Emma Mason


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Q: Why did you join the Back and Body Clinic?

A: I had been a PA for a number of years and was looking for a part time role which would incorporate those skills whilst giving me the time to enjoy my busy home life.

Q: What do you love about your job?

A: I know it sounds a cliche but mostly it’s about the people - both the patients and the staff. As soon as I met the Team at my interview I loved it and knew that I would really enjoy being a part of such a happy environment. The ethos at the Clinic is very professional but there is still a lovely friendly environment. The role is very busy and varied and I really do look forward to my days there.

Q: Top Pastimes?

A: It has to be horses - we have two - and a companion pony. Our daughter events and as she is newly graduated and working away from home, much of the care and exercising falls to me. I have ridden all my life so it’s a labour of love! We have a chocolate Lab and a Miniature Wire-Haired Daxi, Tiggy and Boo who I adore and who keep me company when I am busy at home. I also love entertaining family and friends and hot holidays (when we are allowed to travel again).

Q: Favourite food?

A: Pretty much everything but if I had to choose it would be puddings. My friends know they can rely on me to have seconds!

Q: Favourite dinner party guest?

A: I think it would be Clare Balding OBE. I might be proved wrong but I think she would be both interesting and very entertaining company.

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