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Emma Dyrdzinski

Sports Massage Therapist

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Q: University - year qualified?

A: I graduated from Coventry University with a Physiotherapy BSc (Hons) degree last year July 2020. -          I got my Level 3 Diploma in Sport Massage with Proactive Training, May 2019.

Q: What made you decide to join the Back and Body Clinic?

A: I remember when I was halfway through my third year at Coventry University at the start of 2020, and The Back and Body Clinic came to my university for a talk to present their clinic. Hearing how supportive they are in training new members such as physio’s, and how there are such lovely friendships formed from working within their clinics, made me want to be a part of their team. Towards the end of the year I applied, got an interview and soon got a job offer.

Q: Clinical special interests?

A: I am really interested in musculoskeletal and neurology rehab. I just find it fascinating how our brain and spinal cord work together to produce movement with our muscles. Understanding the physiology of our body and how it works to produce our everyday movements I find so interesting.

Q: Favourite patient journey?

A:  In my third year I worked in the hyper-acute and acute stroke setting at Northampton General Hospital where I met this elderly gentlemen. Only being in hospital for a limited number of weeks, I didn’t get to follow all of this patient’s journey. However, what I loved was when me and the patient started to build a natural rapport together, where we would both enjoy working together. Making any patient smile and feel better either through physio itself or just listening to what a patient says, can really make such a difference and makes me happy knowing I've made some sort of difference, no matter how small.

Q: Favourite pastimes?

A: Solo travelling to a European country. I tried solo travel for the first time in 2019 and went to Copenhagen, Denmark and had the most amazing experience and met people from all across Europe. I am looking forward to planning more trips in the near future.

I also recently started skateboarding. I can't wait to learn all the different tricks.

Q: Most relaxing thing in the world is?

A: Either laying on the grass looking up at the stars/ clouds, or floating in the sea.  

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