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Q: Why did you join the Back and Body Clinic?

A: I decided at 64 l needed a better work/life balance leading up to retirement. I also felt that it would be a great idea to learn something different and take me completely out of my comfort zone after being with my previous employer for over 7 years. The clinic is also very local to where l live, which l thought would be a huge bonus not only to me but the clinic.

Q: What do you love about your job?

A: The best part of my job is the team.  Great bunch of people, so nice to work with such dedicated professionals and to see what a difference they make to people's everyday lives. It's certainly been an eye opener.
I also love meeting all the different patients and enjoy listening to them and all their stories.

Q: What do you do at the weekends?

A: Most weekends we head down to the marina and spend time on our river boat, it's the best purchase we have ever made, it's our escapism and chill out time.
We also love spending time with our friends and socialising.

Q: Top Pastimes?

A: Spending time with my Grandchildren and my dog Jack. Also having the time over the weekend with my husband enjoying our boat.

Q: Most proud achievement?

A: Watching my children achieve their goals and becoming such great parents.  I have four wonderful grandchildren.
Also doing the Moonwalk, marathon through the night in London, after l done it l thought how do people manage to run it.

Q: Most scary thing you have done?

A: Climbed the Sydney Bridge. Very Scary but felt so good afterwards

Q: Favourite film?

A: Very difficult to choose, Notting Hill and The Holiday

Q: Favourite dinner party guest?

A: All my family for Xmas Dinner

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