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Briony Garner


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Q: Why did you join the back and body clinic?

A: I had visited the clinic as a patient many times and was always so satisfied with my experience and the amazing physiotherapists that treated me. I love the friendly and welcoming atmosphere and feel delighted to now be a part of it.

Q: Work experience to date?

A: I’ve worked in the health and fitness industry since I left school and within this time have covered many different roles. I have done fitness instructing, personal training, junior activities, manual therapies and working on reception. I am currently working towards a degree in Sports Rehabilitation and Conditioning!

Q: Top past times

A: I really enjoy being active - whether that be in the gym, long walks with my dog or two hours of yoga! I also love to bake - which my work colleagues are always pleased about… my cookies are a real crowd pleaser..

Q: Scariest thing you have ever done?

A: Booked a one way flight to Australia on my own, with absolutely no plan of what I was going to do when I got there.

Q: One item to take to a desert island?

A: My dog. Without a doubt. (…my dog is technically an item right?

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