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Small Group Personal Training


There are so many benefits to working out in groups. Surrounding yourself with other like minded people, working towards similar goals, it drives you to push that little bit harder to reach your own. Did you know this is called the Kohler Effect?

There’s nothing better than having a buzz of positivity and fun around you while pushing through that last sit up or those last few seconds of a plank. So many people enjoy going to a gym for the socialistion and to see their friends. Well why not combine the two and be in the same session! They are for all levels of fittness so theres no need to be worried that someone might have more experience than you or that you’d be held back, because these sessions are maximum of 4 people, each person has equal time with Lewin or Rachel, almost the same experience of a one to one but with the support and encourgement of others around you.

 Being in a team/group for training also encourgaes to be consistant with your training. All supporting each other through the different stages of your workouts.

Lastly, lets be honest those gym memberships are pricey let alone adding a personal trainer to the mix. Taking part in small group personal training sessions enables you to have access to a top level trainer but at a fraction on the cost.



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