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Professional Athletes

Courtney Lawes, Rugby Player

Sam’s hands on approach combined with her knowledge and expertise not only helped me to swiftly recover from injuries, but prevented me getting other injuries from compensations and body imbalances.

Sam worked hard to keep me performing in the Back Row for Northampton Saints and England Rugby by designing and implementing injury prevention programs for me. They included core stability training, flexibility work, Pilates, balance training and functional pre-rehabilitation.

She always made realistic and functional goals for me. She was professional, gave an expert standard of care and I had complete confidence in her.
I cannot recommend Sam highly enough and would advise anyone experiencing pain or injury to go to The Back and Body Clinic for an expert assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

Ben Foden, Rugby Player

Sam’s hard work has helped me to maintain the highest performance levels required to successfully play rugby for Northampton Saints and England.

As an elite athlete it is so important to be able to trust your physiotherapist. Sam installs confidence and trust because of her accurate diagnostic skills, evidence based treatment protocols and effective maintenance programs. Sam is obviously very knowledgeable when it comes to pain and injuries but she talks about injuries in way that I understand and always has an empathetic and caring approach.

Sam is fully dedicated to getting people better quicker and will always go the extra mile to help. For an experienced and highly qualified Physiotherapist I would recommend you go to the Back and Body Clinic in Wootton Fields to see Sam.

Rachel Yankey, Football Player

Sam is dedicated to her role as the Clinical Lead Physiotherapist at Arsenal Ladies Football Club and has made a concerted effort to address my longstanding injury that had been hampering my performances for both Arsenal and England.

The accurate diagnosis and subsequent expert treatment I received alleviated my ongoing pain which had been previously misdiagnosed and enabled me to play to my true potential for Arsenal Ladies during the season and be a part of Team GB’s at the London 2012 Olympics.

The rehabilitation program that Sam put together was individual to my needs, progressively challenged me and significantly improved my movement and dysfunction.

Sam is 100% committed to helping people and gives her all to get to the bottom of every problem. I can’t recommend The Back and Body Clinic enough. You can be confident of the diagnosis made and assured of an expert standard of care from a highly qualified and experienced practitioner. I would advise anyone to get a Physiotherapy appointment for pain or injury at The Back and Body Clinic.

Lee Dickson, Rugby Player

I have the utmost respect for Sam. Her outstanding ability to diagnose and treat pain and injury has always rewarded me with fantastic results. Sam worked hard to keep me performing at the top level as Northampton Saints Scrum Half. Her manner, professionalism and abilities are such that I would highly recommend her and The Back and Body Clinic to friends and colleagues.

It is great to have a physiotherapist that you know you can be confident in for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment for pain anywhere in the body. I believe the key to recovery is to seek professional advice early. It is important you can trust and be confident in your practitioner. With such extensive training and experience you know you can go to The Back and Body Clinic and be assured of the highest standard of care.

Phil Dowson, Rugby Player

Sam was an integral part of the Northampton Saints medical team and was respected and more importantly trusted by all the players.

Whether it be reacting to an injury as it happened on the field of play or ‘rehabing’ a player back to full fitness Sam was the epitome of professionalism and elicited outstanding results. Not just because of her accuracy and care in the physio room but her understanding of the athlete and personable and affable character. I would highly recommend her services.

Steph Houghton, Football Player

If you have a musculoskeletal pain anywhere in the body you need expert diagnosis and treatment. You want to see someone who you can be completely confident in and who really knows what they are talking about. Sam has vast experience, the highest Physiotherapy qualifications, is fully committed to getting you better and is honest, personable and very highly skilled. Sam’s ‘hands on’ approach is always coupled with great advice and education. This has helped me to understand conditions and confidently keep on top of them.

Sam has helped me to overcome longstanding injuries that were hampering my performances and bounce back as quickly as possible and this has helped me to become an established England International, and represent Team GB at the London 2012 Olympics, where I scored a goal in each of the three group games, including a winner against Brazil.

If you have any aches, pains or injuries I recommend you call The Back and Body Clinic and make an appointment. You will get an accurate diagnosis and the optimal treatment. There is so much that the Back and Body Clinic can offer in terms of ‘hands on’ therapy, manipulation, acupuncture, soft tissue release, exercise rehabilitation and advice. You can be confident of the highest quality of care.

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