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Call them crazy but our team of very experienced and highly trained therapists absolutely love feet! No Corn or Callus is too big. No arch is too flat! They are absolutely passionate about not only getting your feet looking great, but also performing perfectly too.

First class foot care and biomechanics

Do you offer foot care as well as biomechanical assessments and insoles/ orthotics?

Foot care involves treating ingrown toe nails, thick nails, dry cracked heels, corns, callus, fungal nails and verrucas. Doing whatever needs to be done to keep your feet in tip top condition.

Biomechanics involves addressing movement patterns and foot structure to help with painful conditions like heel pain, arch pain, ankle pain, running injuries, forefoot pain and other foot and ankle problems. They will tend to use different off loads in your footwear to make a difference to how the foot works as you walk. Once they know they can make a change and this improves your symptoms they will normally get some insole/orthotics made that are bespoke to your feet.

You can of course buy lots of different insoles off the shelf, however, we 100% recommend that you have bespoke insoles made, in our mind the difference is immeasurable!

What to expect at your appointment?

Bring the shoes that you normally wear and if you are involved in a sport or hobby that requires specific footwear then bring them along too. (e.g. runners should bring their trainers or spikes.) At your first appointment, we’ll always take the time to take a thorough history and do an examination of your feet and they way they move both on the plinth and when your walking. That helps us come to a clear diagnosis.

Once you understand your diagnosis, your therapist will be super keen to start treatment straight away. For foot care conditions they use a range of instruments, some look quite barbaric! However they will promise to make it as comfortable as can be!

For insoles they will use a state of the art foot scan to better understand the way that your foot moves and then 3D print bespoke insoles that sort out the perfect solution for your foot.

Do I need physiotherapy, podiatry or a team approach for my foot pain?

We love working as a team to solve your problems. The Physios or Osteopaths will often refer their patients into podiatry alongside their treatment as this can sometimes be the difference between you improving and feeling 110% better! It works both ways, sometimes the podiatrists will refer their patients into Physio or Osteopathy.

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