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What do podiatrists do? Part 4

Athletic Kids

shutterstock_541512988As podiatrists we treat all age ranges right from first steps through to later life. A relatively at risk age group are active children roughly between the ages of 8-15. During this time a lot of growth takes place. As a side effect of this growth period, something I commonly treat are a set of conditions called osteochondrosis.

These are what you could describe essentially as “growing pains”. Whilst bones are still growing there are “soft” areas in the bones called growth plates. Tendons usually attach at these growth plates and place increased loads on these vulnerable soft areas. Active children will obviously place more load on these areas by virtue of their sporting activities.

Common sites for pain are the heel, the knee and the arch of the foot.shutterstock_541326385

All these can be treated with insole therapy and rehabilitative exercises.

Once the growth plates close and fully ossify (harden) pain can resolve, however if there are contributing biomechanics, then these problems can persist as tendinitis’ or enthesitis’ (pain either in the tendon or at the point of attachment of the tendon)

There are lots of other conditions that can affect a younger population, as always if you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to get in touch or book in for a consultation.

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