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Pelvic Floor & Core Stability

Whether at your sports club, a yoga or Pilates class or even in the gym… you will hear ‘Pelvic Floor’ and ‘Core Stability’ talked about by health and fitness professionals all the time… but what on earth does it actually mean? Well, what people are actually referring to are the muscles that stabilize, align and move the trunk of your body. These are predominantly; the abdominals, the back muscles and muscles at the base of your pelvis.

Assessing and treating issues with core stability involves assessing both the local (near to the spine) and global (near to the skin/surface) muscle systems. The superb team at The Back and Body Clinic have had extensive postgraduate training aimed both at using manual techniques and also teaching specific exercises to help retrain optimal use of these core muscles groups. This is an important part of treatment/ rehabilitation and goes hand in hand with other pain relieving techniques. Core stability exercises can be progressed by either attending our very popular Pilates classes or as well as / through our physiotherapists on more of a one to one level.



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