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Wry Neck

When it comes to pains in the neck, wry neck can be a really painful one! Most people have experienced wry neck at some point in their life, but what are the symptoms and how does it happen? Normally, you wake up with it because you have slept in a funny position and almost at once, you may find you can hardly move your head without horrendous pain!

But don’t worry, wry neck is an easy condition to treat and most of our patients get better pretty quickly. Sometimes a manipulation of the joint in question by a highly skilled therapist (as all Back and Body Clinic therapists are!) will give you instant relief! Other times it may take a little longer but normally, we get people turning their heads with ease once more in a matter of weeks. The most important thing to remember when it comes to diagnosis and treatment is, we’re committed to understanding why you are suffering from wry neck and we’ll work out what the reasons are, how to correct them, and prevent them from happening again



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