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Have you been in an accident and felt your poor neck ‘fling’ one way and then the other? You may have suffered from whiplash. In severe cases, people will get immediate pain, but even if they don’t, they’re not necessarily out of the woods yet. Sometimes, there is little or no pain at the time ofinjury, but a few days later, they can hardly move! Whiplash can sometimes cause problems elsewhere too such as pain in the mid back or the lower back and arms. Whiplash injury can also bring on headaches and sometimes dizziness.

There is a lot of fear associated with whiplash, but with the right diagnosis and treatment, it’s nothing to be scared of. We treat whiplash in the same way we would treat a sprained ankle. Of course, it’s going to feel sore at first… Think of all the poor joints, muscles, discs and tendons that have been over-strained… they are not going to be very happy! However, with time, hands-on treatment and gentle exercises (to start with) whiplash will get better the majority of the time. More stubborn cases may take longer, but with the right treatment and advice we’ll get you there in the end!



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