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Neck Facet Joint Pain

Facet joints can be a real ‘pain in the neck’ – and in the back for that matter – as this arthritis-like condition of the spine can radiate pain as far down as the lower back. To give you a better idea of how grumpy facet joints can get, picture this: there are two joints either side of the spine at every vertebra, and their job is to allow and control movement. Patients that have facet joint pain will often say they have pain and stiffness on one side and that it’s made worse when they turn their head to that side or when they’re looking up. Sometimes, sitting for long periods in bad posture can aggravate these grumpy joints too, especially if you naturally go into a ‘chin poke posture’ (a common postural problem).Luckily, we know how to cheer up facet joints… They’re grumpy because they’re stiff, and they just need to be loosened up properly – which is where we come in! We often find that the muscles need a good release off too and a nice stretch up the back of the neck really gets them feeling great again. Good posture is essential to keep facet joints happy, and sometimes, our therapists will tape you into position to help you learn where you should be. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt, and you’ll soon feel a wonderful release.

This is a great condition to treat because we know we can make a huge difference that will stay with you… for good!



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