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Moulton Reviews

Marion Scott

All aspects of the Clinic are well run. Friendly receptionists, efficient appointment system and great staff.Neck and back Physio with Luke Girvan with excellent results and cheerful conversation and similarly, Podiatry with Luke Planter who works skilful miracles on my problem feet.

Billy Jeans

Couldn’t praise the staff here enough. I’ve visited the back and body clinic over 15 times split across a few years. I’ve always been pleasantly surprised with how helpful, informed and technically able the therapists here are!

Have to specially thank Hollie who has gone above and beyond by keeping me informed throughout my treatment and generally just being a great physio!

Honestly can’t reccomend more.
Thanks! ☺

Mike Cantelo

Aisling at the back and body clinic has proven to be an absolutely fantastic therapist. She has treated me for a recurring painful neck / shoulder issue and also a painful knee / hip concern.

Aisling is extremely efficient, polite and can zone in on the problem area with laser like accuracy and with fingers of steel!

Aisling has a fabulous approach, explains clearly how the muscles and nerves are working, what the issues are and how they arise, and in addition has endless patience explaining to a non-medical person.

I always feel considerably better after each session, and with the clearly explained exercises to carry out between sessions I have seen issues which were problematic on a daily basis now relegated to occasional minor inconveniences.

Thank you, and to the rest of the team at the Back & Body Clinic!

Michael Payne

Always a positive experience here with Jazzy – a monthly MOT to keep an ageing engine on the road and active.

S.T Odu

I was unfortunate that my company car was hit in the back, and was referred to the Back & Body clinic by my employer.
Sara conducted a thorough examination and knew straight away the best treatment for my whiplash. She also recommended a range of exercise I could do on my own.
After six-session, my back and shoulder pain has reduced significantly. All in all, I am extremely happy with the treatment I have received and I can’t thank Sara enough, she is a fantastic physiotherapist.

Charlie Wright

After numerous trips to the doctors from suffering with months of crippling back pain I came to the back and body clinic. I saw Thomas Pearson who quickly diagnosed the problem and got to work in relieving my symptoms. I have now been seeing Thomas since February last year and I have seen a vast improvement in my back. Every appointment I get given exercises to strengthen and prevent my serious back pain returning. I now visit every 6 weeks to relieve tension due to my manual day to day job. I would highly recommend anyone with aches and pains to go and see Thomas at the back and body clinic

Barnaby Spence

I was referred to Thomas via my insurance company. I didn’t really know what to expect, Thomas took the time to discuss my accident, the pain I was feeling and where it may stem from.

He gave me a full and detailed assessment and at the end of the session he gave me a plan for going forward. Since this first session my pain and discomfort has disapated to vertically be none existant.

He also noticed a previous sports related injury that for years has been hampering my progress in the gym each week. He has built exercises specifically to strengthen these weak areas. In such a short space of time I have started to see and feel differences.

Other specific exercises Thomas has given me are not to just get me back to where I was before the accident but to also improve my strength and overall mobility.

I would definitely recommend Thomas for any physiotherapy needs or advice.

Mark Faulkner

I’ve been visiting Tommy at Back & Body after developing an impinged shoulder, with significantly restricted range of movement and pain when I tried to use it freely. Tommy manipulated my shoulder and gave me exercises to perform at home. There was a significant improvement in range of movement and pain reduction after the first visit, and I have made steady progress over the subsequent 4 visits. I am 100% satisfied with the speed and degree of progress I’ve made. The pain went quite soon and the range of movement has continued to increase and is now very close to that of my good shoulder. Tommy is my first physio, and I find him really positive, friendly and professional. I have total confidence in him, and he’s always a pleasure to visit. I’ve been to both the Wootton and Moulton clinics, and the overall sense of the organisation is friendly professionalism. I’m a very happy client.

Nathan Tilson

I have been visiting the Back and Body clinic for about 7 weeks. It was recommended to me by my GP after being referred to a Surgeon for possible neck surgery. As a result of physiotherapy I no longer require surgery at present.
All Staff are very friendly receptionist to physiotherapists. My Physiotherapist Luke has been amazing!. His vast knowledge has helped me to understand / manage my condition. The exercises given have improved both my posture and helped to reduce the pins and needles I am having, relieving pressure on my spine. I am thrilled I do not require surgery at present as a result and highly recommend the Back & Body Clinic.
Great Place amazing people! Thank you very much!

Jack Walding

Very good clinic, would highly recommend.

Mike Lewis

Following lower back pain and stiffness from boxing I was referred to physiotherapist Rachel Barber. Being a below knee amputee I knew Rachel had her work cut out.
Rachel has done a fantastic job in keeping me fight fit by giving regular sports massages and extra stretches prio to boxing training. As a result of regular sessions I no longer experience Lower back pain before during and after training.

I have also experienced knee pain again from boxing which Rachel has worked on very hard to keep me Boxing.
I have taken Rachel’s advice and started pilarties which has been challenging but very benifical.

The staff at the Back & Body Clinic are very friendly and help in any way they can.

Jim Bennett

All the staff are polite, friendly and offer an efficient service. My physio is Thomas Pearson (Tommy) and although my problems are varied and intermittent, therefore ‘testing’, he is encouraging and always finds a way to improve them.

Judith Detheridge

Following the onset of severe shoulder and upper arm pain which was worsening, I decided to seek help by making an appointment with The Back and Body Clinic. The very friendly receptionist referred me to physiotherapist, Tommy, later that week. Tommy immediately put me at ease and swiftly diagnosed my problem. A programme of exercise was initiated and, with Tommy’s unwavering support and knowledge, my situation is now continually improving – the pain has mostly subsided and I have more flexibility in my shoulder and arm. Tommy is an excellent physiotherapist, always encouraging, polite and cheerful and I would not hesitate to recommend him and The Back & Body Clinic to anyone.

Tony Wakley

Can’t recommend these guys enough
Used tgem a few times the last time I was seeing Thomas Pearson with shoulder, elbow and wrist problems,
Glad to say all sorted and almost pain free which after 4 months off work I never thought I would say,
They are all friendly from the receptionist and always happy
Great place great staff and very professional
5 stars In every way

Nik Lawson

Have had appointments at both wootton and Moulton clinics..cant rate them highly enough! Seeing Rachael after being off work 6 weeks..her treatment has been spot on and progress is excellent. Rachael is friendly, enthusiastic and a great physio. Definitely recommend.

Katy Baker

I have been coming to the Back and Body Clinic since January and I cannot thank Tommy enough for the constant checking in, support and care i have received from him. Taking an holistic approach, Tommy has not just taken my physical health in to consideration but also mental health which can be a big cause towards an ailment or injury and being in medical settings frequently, Tommy is the first person to put the two and two together which shows his knowledge and passion for supporting people.
Along with this, Tommy has been interested about my rare medical condition from the start and asking questions when necessary which to me is massively important instead of someone just goggling it. Furthermore, Tommy has given me so much reassurance over the past few months; that there is a problem it is just that doctors have not put all of the details together – I honestly cannot thank Tommy and his team enough for providing such excellent care, a comfortable environment and compassion towards their clients.

Gabriele Castle

Friendly, competent, caring staff, great location with convenient opening hours and easy parking. Thomas has been fabulous in helping me with my recovery after a recent wrist fracture. He has got a lovely manner, is very knowledgeable and experienced, can’t recommend highly enough.

Laura Cook

I have been seeing Rachael at the Back and Body Clinic for a running injury, she is absolutely fantastic – incredibly knowledgeable, approachable and patient. Rachael has gone above and beyond with my treatment, she has a positive outlook and I am beginning to see really encouraging results. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Georgia Birch

The back and body clinic is full of friendly staff and very welcoming as a new patient. Rachel B my physiotherapist was really easy to chat to and she was very interested in my injury which meant she wanted to help me, she knew exactly what she was talking about and gave me good advice and exercises for recovery 🙂 my back injury is so much better and Rachael put our sessions to really good use! A really good place and amazing people!


Seeking a second opinion after many months of a problematics back. Several visits to my GP and a physio I was told I would be unable to continue with my manual job I give up hope. I’ve booked an appointment at the Back and Body Clinic with Aisling.
From the initial consultation the problem was diagnosed I was told it was not going to be a quick fix. After five months I have returned to work, I now attend every six weeks free of pain and discomfort thanks to Aisling.
A very professional service from the Back and Body Clinic
Thank you

Kennedy Rose

I’ve been working with Luke now for a number of months, I’d been putting off seeing a physio for quite some time, however, Luke has helped me with my severe neck/shoulder/back pain.
He’s thorough, understanding and easy to get along with, he helps put you at ease and sets relevant and easy exercises to help get you to where you need to be.
I’ve recommended The Back & Body Clinic, specifically Luke, to a work colleague, my mum and I’ve even sent my other half to him!
Would recommend to anyone looking for a friendly clinic and physio!

Daisy Newbery

Really nice physio center. Thomas listened to me and my concerns, he reassured me and set a plan in place to get me back to where I wanted to be. They are my go to place if I need a physio.

Michele Mott

All the staff are warm and welcoming and Sara Vicente-Gabeiras is an amazing physio! She explains everything in a way that is easy to understand and has given me lots of different exercises to help with my painful knee. She always follows this up with an email explaining the exercises, with video links to demonstrations. I thoroughly recommend her.

Jake Goodman

I’ve been visiting the Back and Body clinic monthly for about 6 months now and seeing Aisling.
Her knowledge is fantastic, any issue I explain is diagnosed straight away, dealt with and I feel a lot more at ease when I leave. I have seen Aisling about several niggles and all have been resolved, as well as on going care and excercises given to me to complete at home to ensure my recovery is sped up as much as possible.
Excellent service all round from arrival to leaving the clinic, all the staff are very friendly and helpful.

Overall great customer care and knowledge from Aisling, resulting in a very pleasant experience every time at the clinic.

Richard Nichols

Wonderful sports massage from Emma. Lots of valuable advice and exercises to try. Everyone is friendly and cheerful. Great experience. Thank you

Penny Macquire

I have been having treatment with Tommy for a few months now to help with a frozen shoulder. The support I have received has been excellent, the whole team are so helpful from booking in appointments to the physio that Tommy has given so far. I would highly recommend this practise.

Taras Melnik

This clinic is brilliant with extremely friendly and helpful staff. Tommy has been great treating my footballing injury and gives youna sense that they actually care about your wellbeing. The support I have received has been excellent with videos sent to you via email so you don’t forget the types of stretches required to recover and text reminders for appointments. Would 100% recommend for any physiotherapy needs.

Zac Joinson

Had been struggling with neck/shoulder pain for nearly 2 weeks before I decide to go to the back and body clinic for some treatment. I have since had several treatments with Tommy and can not say how pleased I am with the results. Tommy was amazing and understanding what was wrong and quickly got on with sorting the problem out. Would highly recommend seeing Tommy.

N Bing

I have visited The Back and Body Clinic on 4 occasions to sort the issues with my neck and back.

On each occasion Lauren Chambers has been absolutely brilliant. She puts you at ease and then produces minor miracles!

I feel so much better and would thoroughly recommend her and the practice to others.

Ginny Staniford

I feel so much better after visiting Mike, as well as the friendliness of the practice generally. He’s made a huge difference to my general comfort; he’s great at explaining everything; he’s made me more aware of where I’m not helping myself and got me taking more care of myself. I wish I had visited him ages ago and would thoroughly recommend him.

John Cunliffe

Excellent, professional and friendly service.

Steven Hickey

First class treatment from all of the staff within the clinic. Reception staff were always very friendly, and helpful. Sara has performed miracles with my neck and shoulder, I am now symptom free. Her history taking, examination, explanation and treatment was all thorough and highly professional. I would definitely see her again with any further injuries and have no hesitation recommending Sara, or the clinic to friends and family. Thank you

Mark Harris

I have used the Back and Body clinic for the past few months after suffering a back problem. Right from the original diagnosis through physio, rehab and strengthening their support has been magnificent. I cannot speak highly enough of their care, support and professionalism over this period. I have to offer my personal thanks to Thomas for his ability to explain in detail the problems I had and the support he has given.

Ann D

Rachel my physio at The Back and Body Clinic is knowledgeable, kind and friendly. She helped me to a pain free Achilles’ tendon for the 1st time in 18 months, which helped me to achieve my goal of trekking in Africa to see Mountain Gorillas in the wild. She now helps me through sports massage to maintain healthy and fit legs for my demanding work and active social life. It’s good to know she is only an email away for advice. The ladies on reception are helpful and friendly and go out of their way to assist in anyway possible.

Lizzy Digits

After suffering for nearly nine months with dizziness I didn’t know what was wrong and my doctor suggested going to a physiotherapist, of which the wait was very long on the NHS so I went to the Back and Body Clinic. Sara deals with dizziness and vertigo and immediately knew what was wrong. I have been seeing her and have been building up strength whilst reducing my dizziness ever since. She has been brilliant and all of the staff are so welcoming, highly recommend this place 🙂

Laura Ward

Came to the clinic after breaking my ankle badly. Emma has supported me with patience, first class treatment & empathy during the times I thought it wasn’t going to improve. I would have no hesitation in recommending Emma or her colleagues. Many thanks for all your help, Laura.

Ali Feetham

Absolutley fantastic service from Lauren Chambers. After just a few sessions her expert care and knowledge has given me so much movement back in my injured shoulder and has also saved me from requiring a further operation. I can not recommend enough. I gave 5 stars but would like to give many more!!

Stuart Wallace

Have experienced a number of physios over many years of getting injured through sport, and I’d rate Lauren as one of the best that has treated me. It’s nice to be kept fully in the loop of what she’s doing, why she’s doing it and the expected impact it will have. She makes you feel part of your recovery, which makes the ‘homework’ easier to buy into. Highly recommended.

Athena Trinh

I’ve been visiting the clinic for about a year and It’s always a pleasant experience from the front house to the end treatment with a physician. I had 2 severe episodes of back pain but now recovered, out and about thanks to the great team of physio therapists at the Back and Body Clinic. Luke Girvan shows a great understanding of my issues through a broad range of effective treatments and exercise programs. He explains clearly the root problem and how to manage the conditions , also changes different types of treatments as my condition progresses. Highly recommended.

Ade Wagstaff

I know Richard well. He is an outstanding clinician who has brilliant hand on skills. I regularly speak to him about clinical therapies and difficult cases, and he is excellent with his advice on clinic development and management. I value and highly recommend his opinion, he is certainly a ‘go to’ man with regard to physiotherapy. I also know Sam. Together they have built highly reputable and honest clinics. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Vanessa Taylor

Back & Body have a great, friendly team of staff. The practise is lovely inside and you are made to feel welcome by both the reception staff and the therapist. My injury was assessed and treatment carried out with a good follow up plan of treatment/training that could be done between appointments. I have always found the Back & Body team extremely knowledgeable, professional and supportive during injury. Highly recommend.

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