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Low Back Muscular Strain

When it comes to lower back muscular strain, there are a few usual suspects. One of the most common – and most notorious – muscles to strain is the Quadratus Lumborum (QL). This is the deepest abdominal muscle, but is commonly referred to as a back muscle as that is where it is felt!

QL can cause a fair bit of bother when it wants to as once pulled, it often spasms up, and that’s what really causes problems as it then has an effect on all of the other muscles, joints and ligaments in the area!

We see a lot of patients complaining of lower back muscular strain, and, the most common issues tend to be muscular pain from a sudden excessive movement that result in a sudden onset of pain. Patients who have spent too long in a poor position can also suffer from this kind of strain.

So, how do we speed up the recovery of a lumbar muscular strain? We beat it into submission of course! Well, we massage into the trigger points (the really sore bits) for deep tissue release and sometimes even stick acupuncture needles into it. This isn’t as scary as it sounds and our genuinely caring therapists will only go as deep as you can tolerate so have no fear! The huge benefits are worth it. Not only does this release those painful spasms it also increases the blood flow that is needed for swift healing.



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