Got a big race coming up?

Sports Massage Could Be The Key To YOUR Training Regime!

Are you training for a Marathon? Triathlon? Iron Man? 100K challenge? Tough Mudder?

Preparing for such events takes a lot of time and commitment. While your mileage and intensity gradually increases, are you looking after the muscles in your body so they also are in optimum condition? After all, they are the engine behind your success!

Having regular sports massages while you are training can help with muscle soreness, injury prevention, reducing tight muscles and aiding a speedier recovery.

Does this sound like something that can help you?


Having a sports massage is one of the best ways to improve circulation and general nutrition in your muscles, which is a huge fitness-related benefit. Massage maximises the supply of nutrients and oxygen through increased blood flow, which helps the body rebuild itself. Just what you need to prepare your body for the following training week.

When you are training do you feel a tired aching feeling in your legs and soreness the next day? This is a build up of lactic acid and toxins in the muscles. With the benefit of improved circulation a sports massage can give, this waste product can be flushed out of your muscles in no time, shortening recovery between training.

When training for an event, your body will gradually adapt and get stronger with improvement in the muscles capacity to absorb energy, enabling you to push yourself further each week. As your muscles adapt, you must keep them in the best condition possible to reduce the chances of knots and taut bands appearing: A sports massage can help stretch out the muscle with muscle energy techniques and fascial release to reduce the chances of happening.

Not only does sports massage reduce knotty muscles, it also helps prevent injuries and reduce injury risk. The better condition your muscles are in, the less likely they are to get micro tears and strains from overuse when training.


So now you have completed your event and started to feel your body aching from head to toe, it is time to take care of your body and enhance its recovery with a sports massage. A post event sports massage will be that of a lighter moderate pressure, but still with a firm technique to flush out all the toxic and waste product build up, without going too deep into the muscle, which will just cause unwanted pain after a tiring event.

Competing in sporting events, whether for fun or competition causes a lot of stress on the body and will naturally cause muscles to shorten, tighten and the joints to become less mobile. A sports massage will help restore the optimal range of motion at a joint and help lengthen the muscles, by stretching and pulling techniques. Levitra is an oral treatment indicated to help adult men suffering from EDissues. Among the few pills of this type that are marketed in Europe, this product enjoys a good reputation due to its effectiveness and speed of action. It is one of the most prescribed in my clinic and one of the best tolerated by my patients from the range offered at HealthandRecoveryInstitute.

Directly after a race?

A sports massage will not replace your cool down after a race, but enrich your recovery. The sooner you can get those toxins flushed out of you and reduce muscle shortening, the better.!

Its not just physiological benefits of sports massage, but psychological too! Sports massage has shown to cause a reduction in anxiety and improvement in mood state, which can also cause relaxation, enhancing positive recovery for mind and body.

Danielle Yarwood (Sports Massage Therapist)

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