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It's what I have heard about the backhandbody but there is one of the shops . I have heard in a general convo about beauty and hair ! Group of friends know pub friday afternoon . Better than talking about the convo virus ..... but anyway it's one of the shops that is the closest 2 well say town not giving away the closest one to Kettering road ???

Dave Parry Avatar Dave Parry
March 21, 2020

Rachael Barber was absolutely fantastic with helping fix my dislocated ribs. At the start of my appointment with her I could barely stand or sit up straight and was finding even breathing and talking a challenge, but by the end of the appointment I was walking freely and laughing and joking. I was so impressed I am now receiving her help to mend my previously broken wrist. Rachael is not only a brilliant physio, she is also really friendly, approachable and funny and makes you feel very relaxed. Many thanks for your ongoing help!

Molly Vincent Avatar Molly Vincent
March 16, 2020

Had three or four sessions with Jazzy Dolby at Wootton to treat a painful tear in my calf. She used a mixture of techniques to get me back into training including massage and acupuncture, clearly knew her stuff and did as much as she could to rehabilitate me. After each session I had an email to recap what exercises I should be doing at home and I found this very helpful. I am back on track and wouldn't hesitate to go back to see Jazzy - but hoping not to get injured again!!

Zena Billingham Avatar Zena Billingham
January 17, 2020

I came to see Jazz as my body was generally feeling rather 'broken'. I was experiencing problems with my back, hips and knees (historical problems) and my movement was becoming more limited and uncomfortable. I wanted to achieve my target of running a 10K before my birthday. After a course of sports massage sessions with Jazz I achieved my goal! Jazz was amazing, always welcoming, understanding and took the time to listen to me and explain what she was doing and why. She worked miracles! I can't recommend her highly enough.

Amanda Gooch Avatar Amanda Gooch
October 17, 2019

Mike is excellent. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He helped me greatly. I would recommend without any hesitation.

Paulina Krause Niwinska Avatar Paulina Krause Niwinska
September 3, 2019

Mike is excellent. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He helped me greatly. I would recommend without any hesitation.

Paulina Krause Niwinska Avatar Paulina Krause Niwinska
September 3, 2019

I've had three sessions here over the last month due to a back strain and I am now completely pain free. Aisling did a fantastic job and was very knowledgeable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Jeremy Gibbs Avatar Jeremy Gibbs
August 28, 2019

Arrived yesterday with excruciating pain in my shoulder, neck and arm. I attributed this to historic back problems. After spending 5 minutes with Rory, he diagnosed a problem with my neck (I was sceptical as I have had years of back problems). He asked questions and had me perform lots of different movements, he then performed his magic, quite literally. He sent me home with exercises to carry out, again I was a bit sceptical, but did feel that I was in less pain after the visit. I went home carried out the exercises he recommended twice (Rory advised me to perform these four times a day). I slept that night for the first night in 3 nights, woke up this morning, shoulder was a little tender but nothing compared to the pain of the previous three days. I have performed my excercises three times today and am now almost pain free. I cannot believe after spending half an hour at the clinic yesterday how much has been achieved. The staff are lovely and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone. It's the best £47 I have ever spent in my life, without a doubt. (Anyone who's suffered with extreme pain will know exactly what I mean). If you are not sure or are just thinking about it, go, you won't be disappointed.

Ali G Avatar Ali G
August 23, 2019

I’ve been coming to see Aisling for over a year now since I moved to the area, she is a fantastic therapist and I always leave feeling fixed. I would recommend her to anyone who is suffering with back pain, you won’t regret it.

Chris Avatar Chris
July 9, 2019

Stuart at the back and body clinic has looked after me on 2 occasions now. Both times he has swiftly found the issues and fixed the issues improving my physical ability and speed of recovery. Couldn't recommend highly enough!

Luke Tibble Avatar Luke Tibble
July 9, 2019

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