Corns are one of the most common reasons people book in for chiropody treatment. Corns are conical pieces of hard skin with the point directed inward that develop as a consequence of too much pressure over a lump of bone. Some people also get smaller “seed” corns as a consequence of light pressure and friction on the sole or sides of the feet. Some people try and use corn plasters as a form of self-care, but these do not work very well for many people. Removing the hard skin that overlies them or picking at them is also rarely successful, even if it feels better for a day or two. Our Podiatrists are trained to remove corns using a small scalpel blade, and the procedure is usually pain free and hardly noticeable. There is often an underlying root cause of the corn due to your footware or foot position. So our Podiatrists look for any clues as to why you are developing a  corn and might suggest Bespoke Insoles to reduce the pressure on the corns or prevent them from forming in the first place. They can also suggest the correct footwear for your feet so you can get back to doing the things that you love.



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