Callus is another word for “hard skin” that forms as a result of sheer forces on the skin, i.e. pressure and friction combined. This callus is there to protect the tissues in that area from these stresses, but can become thicker and thicker over time, putting additional stress on the tissues below, causing pain and discomfort. Heel callus can become very dry and crack, potentially leading to bleeding and infection. Callus can be kept at bay to some degree by filing and moisturising the feet daily, however, many people have difficultly keeping up with it. Our Podiatrists are brilliant at gently removing the excess callus  and the procedure is usually pain free and hardly noticeable. There is often an underlying root cause of the callus forming due to your footware or foot position. So our Podiatrists look for any clues as to why you are developing a callus and might suggest Bespoke Insoles to reduce the sheer forces often reducing the callus formation or the need regular appointments.They can also suggest the correct footwear for your feet so you can get back to doing the things that you love.



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