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Exercise Programs, Advise & Eductaion Techniques

Education and Advice

We know that when you come to us here at The Back and Body Clinic you will want answers to what your problem is; your diagnosis, how long it might take to get better, what you can and can’t do to help, what your therapist is doing and why… the list goes on.
We are very proud that our therapists know just how important this information is to you. They are super switched on and have the skills and knowledge to give you this information and make sure that they talk to you in a way that you can fully understand… so please be sure to ask them any more questions you want.
Our patients hugely benefit from a greater understanding of their condition, from understanding how treatment will aid their recovery to understanding how to avoid re-injury in the future. People with long term or chronic conditions often benefit the most from education about their conditions. Leading to better management of their symptoms, avoiding aggravating factors and dealing with acute flair-ups.

Exercise Programs

We know the very best way to speed up the process of getting you better, and what is need to back up our hands-on treatment with the right exercises too. Our therapists have a superb understanding of strength and conditioning, body biomechanics and postural dysfunctions and are experts at pin pointing when and what exercises will suit you, your body and your injury the best.

We don’t just want to treat, but actually cure your issues for good. Often, you get an injury for a reason… i.e., there is an underlying weakness or dysfunction. Furthermore, while you are suffering with the pain from your injury you will be making compensations with how you move, and often the injured area will be getting weaker too whilst you are resting or avoiding using it as much. During the recovery process, and especially once the pain has gone, its super important to address these compensations and weaknesses to make sure your injury doesn’t become a recurrent one and we get you back to your best… for good. This is a major part of The Back and Body Clinic’s model, which takes you from pain and suffering, all the way through to correcting and enhancing.

Our therapists will aim to work with you within you recommended course of treatment to make sure your tailored exercise programme is bespoke for your specific needs. This may include any of the following components:

  • Strengthening
  • Stretching
  • Mobilising
  • Core Stability and Pelvic Floor
  • Functional exercises
  • Sport specific exercises
  • Balance and proprioception exercises
  • Foam Rolling and Self-myofascial release techniques

We know that this is such an important part of giving you the very best care possible, and that is why we have invested in what we think is the very best exercise software package available. This enables us to send you your program with exercise videos, explanations, information about frequency, repetitions etc., all as part of your treatment with us. Our patients so often comment on how helpful this is for them to know exactly what to do and when in-between sessions, or at the end of a course of treatment.



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