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Here at Back and Body we pride ourselves on giving our patients the best service we can when looking after their bodies, which is why we are incredibly proud to be offering a service to look after our patients minds too. Whether you’re looking for support with getting through a stressful time in your life, or you’ve got a big sports competition coming up and need help focusing on your goals, Justin Chacksfield will be here to help you.

What are my options for counselling?

Justin is available for face to face appointments at our Moulton clinic, or online appointments using Zoom.

Zoom is a good way for you to see your counsellor face to face from your computer whilst still being in a comfortable environment. This way you still get the benifits of visiting your counseller in person but with the flexibility of a place that suits you.

Online counselling offers many benefits but there are also limitations that are worth bearing in mind when deciding which type of therapy will best suit your needs.

Things to consider :

  • Counselling therapy from your own home at a time that suits you.
  • Would you benefit more from seeing your counsellor face to face?
  • Are you comfortable and confident when using online meeting rooms?
  • Is your computer in a safe space that you can use privately without interruption?

Justin offers counselling of a person-centred nature, where clients are empowered to discover
solutions to their issues in a supportive, safe environment. As a counsellor Justin offer you his honesty
and respect while you explore issues you feel you would like to bring to counselling for suppport.

What is Person-Centred counselling?

The person-centred approach follows the belief that all people are innately good, and will grow through developing self-awareness and learning to become confident decision-makers while taking responsibility for the decisions they make.

Person-centred counselling supports you to develop your self-awareness, self-confidence, confidence in decision making and taking responsibility for decisions you’ve made for your own health and wellbeing. It is personalised and adapted to your needs. The principles of the person-centred approach are focused on the counsellor being honest, non-judgmental and empathic in the relationship, allowing you to lead and set the pace.

Sports Psychology

These sessions are perfect for you if you are keen to reset goals as part of a sports rehab programme, by connecting to motivational drives. Equally useful if you are wanting to develop your mental skills in sports competition. In the sessions Justin can support athletes developing their attention focus, self-confidence or learning to manage performance anxiety and stress around competitive events

If you are seeking help for:

  • Chronic pain or illness
  • Sports psychology
  • Self-esteem
  • Personal development
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anger management
  • Loss
  • Relationship issues

Please keep in mind Justin can’t assist with addictions,eating disorders, psychiatric disorders, severe trauma, abuse or suicidal feelings.

If, once counselling has started, Justin feels that the support required is greater than that available a professional referral will be made.


To book an appointment with Justin please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our Moulton clinic on 01604 493066 or book online.


Principally I made contact with Justin to help me with some goal setting for ambitions I have in rowing. Having suffered from a back injury in recent years I felt I needed a little support in areas involving the pursuit of my goals versus the rehabilitation and injury prevention I require to continue to perform.

Justin has been an invaluable part of my coaching team, helping me gain a deeper understanding of how I can develop and improve my approach to training and competition.

Sebastian has benefited enormously from his time working with Justin.  Justin’s approach is impressive – he is responsive to the individual; insightful and sensitive; empowering and informative.  His sessions have been well balanced between talking, listening and providing practical approaches.  As a parent, sitting in on sessions, they have also been informative and enriching for me too!



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