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Well hydrated skin is happy skin. One of the functions of your skin is to act as a protective barrier. If the
skin on your feet is dry and cracked, this can be both unpleasant and irritating, as well as creating a
potential portal for infection if the cracked become fissures. Fissures are deep cracks in the epidermis (the
outer portion of skin) that penetrate into the dermis (the inner portion of the skin). Fissures can bleed and
become infected, so preventing them and treating them is important. Moisturising your feet regularly with
a good quality foot moisturiser is an important measure to prevent cracks and fissures from arising.

However, this being said, moisturising with filing the feet, or without removing areas of hard skin (callus)
will have only limited success. Filing the feet with a good foot file before moisturising is highly
recommended. If you have large patches of callus, potentially with fissures within the area of callus, this
callus will need to be removed in order to achieve good results. Podiatrists can remove the callus by sharp
debridement, and following a vigorous filing, will set you swiftly on the road to healthier feet.

Our therapists can apply moisturising cream to your feet during your appointment, however, it must be said,
that an application once every 6 to 8 weeks will not make much of a difference if you have dry, cracked
skin on your feet. It is usually advisable to purchase a high-quality foot cream and a foot file, and file the
skin briefly (and gently) when dry and apply the moisturising cream daily, or as often as possible, for best



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