5 Top Tips to Alleviate Neck Pain

5 tips to alleviate neck pain

Neck pain can be really debilitating and can often catch you off guard. Here are some tips to help you manage if you’re suffering from neck pain between treatments or to try before you come in and see us!

Tip 1 – Sleep!

If you’re finding you are waking with neck pain and stiffness, it may be aggravated by the position you’re sleeping in. Sleeping on your back or on your side are the easiest positions for your neck to be comfortable during sleep.

Tip 2 – Pillows!

Pillow advice is something we’re constantly asked about. As a general rule, try to sleep on your back or on your side and avoid lying on your front. When it comes to pillows, a good guide is to have your pillows in a way which keeps your neck in a neutral position. For example, if you lie on your back lower pillow height is needed than if you are to lie on your side where you may need a side sleeper pillow or two pillows.

Tip 3 – Desk set up!

Especially with more people working from home, it’s so important to have a dedicated work space with a few simple staples to set you up for a pain free work day! If you have a laptop to work from, ensure you have a separate keyboard and mouse to save you hunching so much over a small keyboard. When it comes to screens, either a separate monitor or a laptop stand so your screen is at eye level saves straining your neck to look at a low screen.

Tip 4 – Lacrosse ball!

The last time I used a lacrosse ball to physically play lacrosse was about 14 years ago..! It wasn’t a great experience and actually I ended up needing a new pair of glasses! However, lacrosse balls (or tennis balls!) work really well to help do some at home muscle release. For neck pain, loosening off your trapezius muscle with it works really well .

Tip 5 – Heat!

Use a hot water bottle or heated wheat bag (please use a cover and don’t burn yourself!) around your neck/over your shoulders to ease achy muscles which can in turn improve your mobility and function.

And finally, if you’re struggling with a literal pain in the neck we are only a phone call away and on hand to help you achieve your (neck) pain free goals!

Written by our Osteopath Aisling.

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