The Perfect Christmas Present

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The Perfect Christmas Present: A Massage Voucher @ The Back and Body Clinic

Do you have a loved one who always comes home from work or the gym struggling with aches and pains? Tired of them asking you to give them a massage to help?

If this sounds familiar, then why not treat them this Christmas to a Sports Massage here at the Back and Body Clinic? The perfect solution to get you off the hook and to make them feel great again!

Whether they are involved in a heavy exercise regime or are simply carrying extra tension due to a stressful job, sports massage could be the answer to their problems. With benefits such as:

  • Reduced pain
  • Improved sleep
  • Greater movement
  • Injury prevention

… just to name a few. You really can’t go wrong with this gift!

For someone who is in training for a big sporting event or simply just wants to feel at their best every time they exercise, feeling stiff and tight can be extremely frustrating as it can really hinder performance. For athletes, Sports Massage can assist in reducing delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) and preventing injury – both factors that are going to allow them to train to the best of their ability and consequently release the endorphins which make them happier and more positive (and kinder to you!!).  

For those who are holding tension due to extra stresses at work or in everyday life, Sports Massage can again make a massive difference. For these patients, even just taking an hour out of their week for themselves is so important but unfortunately a rarity. A lot of people under stress tend to struggle with affected sleep and pain.  Having a treatment which can help to alleviate both of these will have a hugely positive effect on mood and overall quality of life. That loved one in your life that is always working so hard definitely deserves this… and the best thing about this gift is that you can take all the credit without any of the hard work – RESULT!!

Our Sports Massage Therapists understand that everyone reacts and copes differently with the type of treatment we offer. We want everyone to feel relaxed and comfortable under our care which is why we take the time to really get to know our patients and find out what they expect from us and our treatment. So don’t worry if the person you are spoiling this Christmas has never had a sports massage before! With a range of different techniques up their sleeves, our Sports Massage Therapists can select the most effective and appropriate treatment to suit each individual, putting them at ease and enabling them to walk out feeling confident that they are on the road to recovery!  

– The recipient can chose either:

. Physiotherapy
. Sports Massage
. Podiatry / Chiropody
. Osteopathy
. Acupuncture
. 1:1 Pilates

How does the voucher work?

You can choose the value you would like to put on the voucher and the recipient can choose the treatment they want.

Either pop in to buy them from reception, or give us a call and we can put them in the post for you FREE of charge.

Call the Clinic today:

Moulton Clinic: 01604 493066
Wootton Clinic: 01604 875950

Or visit the website to find out more:

Merry Christmas everyone!!
Sarah Fountain, Sports Massage Therapist

Call us today for a Sports Massage, or a Sports Massage Voucher which we can send to you in the post in time for Christmas!!