•    Does your child need a little bit more help to get them moving?
•    Does your child have a medical condition which would benefit from regular physiotherapy input?
•    Is your child suffering from pain or have an injury that needs looking at?
•    Does your child struggle with their balance?

Our specialist paediatric physiotherapist, Lucy, takes  an enthusiastic and fun approach to her work, focusing on your child as a whole.

Lucy believes children are not just little adults and understands child development, skill acquisition and child-specific conditions.
She provides a high-quality service which meets the unique needs of every baby or child that she treats, whilst also using play within therapy to ensure sessions are fun and motivating.

Lucy treats babies and children from birth to 16 years old.

We also offer appointments at your home or at your child’s nursery or school.




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Please call if you would like any more information or to speak with Lucy directly
Moulton – 01604 493066